[INACTIVE][ADMN] Confess v1.0 - Safe Inventory Management [700-818]

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  1. Confess - tells you the contents of player's inventory
    Version: v1.1

    Donate for my hard work and encourage me to keep updating & improving this plugin :D [​IMG]
    Source Code on GitHub

    • Tell you the contents of a players inventory (Stacksize and ItemName)
    • Scan a players inventory for dangerous items (Lava, fire, TNT, etc)
    • Delete these dangerous items with just a few keystrokes
    • Supports Permissions, defaults to OP if you don't have Permissions installed.

    • /confess get <playername> - Lists the contents of the players inventory.
    • /confess check <playername> - Lists the dangerous items the player has (TNT, lava, water, fire, bedrock).
    • /confess delete/remove <playername> <tnt/fire/lava/water/bedrock/all> - All will delete all dangerous items, NOT the whole inventory.
    Permissions Nodes:
    - 'confess.*' - Access to all /confess commands
    - 'confess.get' - Gets the players inventory.
    - 'confess.check' - Check the players inventory for dangerous items.
    - 'confess.delete' - Delete the players inventory (Dangerous Items ONLY)
    Version 1.1:
    • Update to CB Build #733
    Version 1.0:
    • First Release
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    Its bukkit build 726, not 684.
  3. @msw1 No, the build I tested it on is #684. The latest build may be 726 but until a recommended build is released I will be sticking with #684, thanks, bye :)

    Update v1.1
    • Confess now works with the latest Bukkit recommended build (#733)
    • Cleaned up unused code.

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    So this is like the "Cleaner" plugin?
  5. I didn't know there was a plugin that did something similar to mine :p
    But I just thought of an idea and made it, good practice more than anything I guess.
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    Mike A

    I've been using it since you released it. Works great and I haven't had any problems. To me, it's the best one I've found. It's simple, it tells you the item names, etc.

    Anyways thanks! This is useful.
  7. Thanks for your support :)
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    Check is broken, but the rest works perfectly.

    Attempting to check a player results in a 'you are not allowed access to this command' error. Permissions are triple-checked, and I'm attempting this on an OP account.
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    It appears to be a text based only view of what a player is using - rather than the dirty switch.

    am I correct? I've yet to test it.
  10. @Kainzo I don't understand what you mean by "dirty switch"

    But everything is displayed in a clear text format, yes.
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    Cleaner - actually REPLACES your inventory with theirs and a simple /revert swaps back.
  12. @Kainzo No it doesn't do that. Hope you prefer my way :p
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    Thanks for making this dude, there is nothing I hate more than Liars, ill test it out now.
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    Great Plugin!
  15. Thanks :D. Any ideas for some updates? :p
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    Is it just my server? I can use the first command "get" just fine, I get "you don't have access to that command" with other ones.

    Check, remove, delete won't work. I'm already op on ops.txt and Admin group on Permissions (with permissions - *)

    EDIT: Latest Confess, Permissions version and CB733
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  17. Try adding confess.* to the admin group permissions, it shouldn't clash with * so you should be ok :)
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    Actually, if you use Permissions adding anything more than * for admins, or letting admins with * inherit permissions from other groups WILL clash.

    GM doesn't really care if you over-define a groups permissions, but Permissions doesn't like it.
  19. Well I added a node confess.* which allows the user to do all events so permissions should add use that anyway.
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    Nice, I'll try it on my server.
  21. I like the plugin, but would like it even more if I could use it from the console too.
  22. Hmm, good idea for an update then :p
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    Really nice plugin, the only downside that I see is the 20-line limit for Minecraft text in-game. If you could add like a page system that would be great! :D
  24. Yeah, I'm aware of this but I'm busy developing another plugin at the moment, when I have finished that this will be next on the list :p
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    What about item tabulation to fix the line issue? You could fit 2, maybe 3 items per line, and save a lot of readout space.

    Also, the ability to remove targeted items (not just the 'naughty' items) with a command would be very handy.
  26. I'm working on an update for both those things :p
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    Very awesome, thank you. Also, where did your avatar come from? :)
  28. It's called sad box.
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    Very nice plugin. Thanks for making it. Helps me find out if people got items they shouldnt have. Any way you can make it show their items even if they are offline?
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    Why when i type in 'confess.*' in my permissions and i launch the game i type in /confess check
    it says that i dont have the permission to do that

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