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    AdminChat - A private chat channel for admins.
    Version: 0.5.1

    AdminChat allows the admins of a server to talk amongst each other in private. Any player on the server that is an OP or has the adminchat permission can use the following commands:
    • /ac <message> - Send a message to other admins on the server
    • /actoggle - Toggle between sending your chat messages to everyone or just to AdminChat.
    • /nc - Send a regular chat message. Useful when using /actoggle.
    Permissions is optional and not required to use the plugin.


    All other downloads available here.

    • A private chat channel only for admins
    • The ability to log the channel
    • Can tie-in to Permissions.
    Version 0.5.1:
    • AdminChat now correctly colours its output. It MAY work with GroupManager.
    Version 0.5.0:
    • Added the ability to colour the AdminChat channel tag.
    Version 0.4.0:
    • Added ability to log.
    • The configuration file self-extracts from the JAR.
    Version 0.3.0:
    • Added /nc command
    Version 0.2.1:
    • Fixed bug where /ac messages had extra spaces in them.
    Full commit log available here.

    Bug reports and feature requests can be made here.
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    Try disabling the plugin and see if the problem persists.

    It should. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it probably (99% chance) works.

    The AdminChat channel should not show up in Dynmap chat, unless Dynmap chat monitors the player_chat event with a priority lower than monitor (which it should not).

    No I did not.

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    Glad someone else decided to make an AdminChat plugin aswell. :)
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    thanks, works with groupmanager
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    There's some functionality we need before we can replace the old admin chat.

    Like player beeing able to send messages to the chat etc.

    As the other guy has open sourced and abandoned it its a waste to see someone having to redo all the code :(

    Also I want to see this plugin or a similar work with web maps to hide the chat.
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    I'm sorry, but if the other plugin does not have a public API that won't change, there is nothing I can do. My plugin simply listens for chat events and relay's the chat to the web front end. It cannot discern between chat channels. If a public API emerges then I can support that, but AFAIK there is none. If there is a public API somewhere, please let me know.
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    why wouldn't you post the permission nodes on the page like everyone else does. it makes the life of the admins a little less stressful.

    any chance you could add a feature to add and remove other players to the chat like:
    /ac+ playername
    /ac- playername

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    do you update?
    #1060 u have to type twice /actoggle else it dosnt work
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    This just randomly broke for me :(

    This is the most useful app i've ever used, and its so unpopular! WHy is this?!?!?!

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    I have one question. How can I create this:" [OP] (nick) " this color and this text.

    or is it some other plugin?
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    Worked with cb1060... Now im just getting errors with 1100+
    Someone could recompile/fork this one? Best AdminChat plugin ive ever seen
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    are we going to get an update for this, it currently isnt working with bukkit 1185
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    shame it doesnt work with 1185 :(
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    I could fix it but i am not allowed to change something in code because of the license
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    i thought it was open source? what actually needs to be changed?

    i dont see anything in the gnu license that stated that you cannot modify the code

    also im not familiar with how to use the git repository, and i have little experience with svn, but it looks like you can fork from the original to make changes and update with git which is similar to svn

    so if you can fix it, please do, if you use eclipse they have a plugin called egit that allows you to connect to a repository

    well after setting up eclipse and getting the source, i get 4 warning in eclipse the methods getGroup, getGroupPrefix, getGroupSuffix from the type PermissionHandler is deprecated in util.java, im wondering if this is what is causing it not to function propertly, and what should it be changed to to dissolve those warnings

    digging further i find the dependency to org.bukkit.command.command and it seems that bukkit will return that crazy ass message about leaking tears when it tests to see if you have permission to use a command and you dont, as admin i should have all permissions, but another thing is that this plugin is dependent on what looks like perms 3.x which could be the entire issue

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    I got it to work with 1185. I removed the getUserPrefix and Suffix subroutines from util.java . and there respective calls in the Adminchat.java. I don't see why user prefix and suffix are needed anyways?

    I probably won't put it up for download since this is my 2nd day of java.
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    well if your permissions table has prefix and suffix in them they would not display in adminchat, not that big a deal if they dont but there is no reason why it shouldnt work, if those calls are no longer used there has to be something in their place i would assume
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    Please update for 1185
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    i still get bukkit will leak tears error when trying to run /ac commands

    also to clear the warnings in util.java you can change getGroup to getPrimaryGroup and getGroupPrefix/Suffix to getGroupRawPrefix/Suffix...... but that has nothing to do with bukkit not liking the commands or permissions from adminchat. not sure if it is an issue with the old permissions 3.x but im leaning towards no since all the other commands from other plugins are working fine.
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    i will take a look on it when i get time..gimme some days
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    feature request:

    just wanted a simple feature to use "ac message" in the console to talk to my mods while im not on the server but watching the console.

    Im not sure why but its working perfectly on pex/ichat 1185
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    confirmed working with pex, so the issue i am having is due to permissions 3.x, have not tested with any other permissions plugins.

    it looks like pex has the old permissions 2.7 back end

    also working with permsbukkit
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    finally broke with b1317. oh well was a nice run
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    Please update the code? :3 ... it would be really useful, i know it seems like another whinny person asking for the code update, but lol, i'm not familiar with java. :3
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    Here's one compiled against 1317 with a few minor changes:

    • Either remove your existing properties file or add the line "chatColor=e" to yours. The prefix and chat are both colorable differently this way.
    • /a, /atoggle, /at /astatus, and /na are all new aliases (I got used to mcMMO's /a command)
    • Shortened the prefix to "AChat." Space is a premium, sadly :/
    • Source inna .jar :p

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