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    AdminChat - A private chat channel for admins.
    Version: 0.5.1

    AdminChat allows the admins of a server to talk amongst each other in private. Any player on the server that is an OP or has the adminchat permission can use the following commands:
    • /ac <message> - Send a message to other admins on the server
    • /actoggle - Toggle between sending your chat messages to everyone or just to AdminChat.
    • /nc - Send a regular chat message. Useful when using /actoggle.
    Permissions is optional and not required to use the plugin.


    All other downloads available here.

    • A private chat channel only for admins
    • The ability to log the channel
    • Can tie-in to Permissions.
    Version 0.5.1:
    • AdminChat now correctly colours its output. It MAY work with GroupManager.
    Version 0.5.0:
    • Added the ability to colour the AdminChat channel tag.
    Version 0.4.0:
    • Added ability to log.
    • The configuration file self-extracts from the JAR.
    Version 0.3.0:
    • Added /nc command
    Version 0.2.1:
    • Fixed bug where /ac messages had extra spaces in them.
    Full commit log available here.

    Bug reports and feature requests can be made here.
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    I like this idea, i may install this one :)
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    Could you post a screenshot?
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    seems great, I'll try it out ;)
  5. Thanks :)
    Great Plugins.
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    love it!
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    what are the permission nodes?
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    It is detailed in the README.md file, but the permission node is adminchat.
  9. Ability to change [ADMIN CHAT] prefix colour would be good :)
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    Extreme customization is always a ++
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    right... no one ever reads the MANUAL! haha
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    Added in v0.5.0. Add prefixColour=colourCode (where colourCode is from 0-f) to your AdminChat.properties file.
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    The color dont work (1.6.5 bukkit b815)

    [AdminChat]&4Nickname: Text
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    Make sure you are not using '&4' in your AdminChat.properties file, but just '4'.
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    the &4 comes from groupmanager prefix ...
    what should i do?
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    I'm sorry, but the plugin does not support GroupManager. It only supports Permissions.
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    okay thanks :(
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    Is it possible to disable the prefix so we don't get the &4 and just white text, since lots of people use Group Manager.
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    Dr Danco

    works great for me on 860!
    useful as it has the toggle feature so i dont have to type a command and if i forget players see things between me and the other admins i dont want them to see lol.
    thanks alot.
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    Can You Tell Me The Nodes? I'm On A Mac Can't Open The Readme Don't Have Whatever Application :p
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    The README.md file is a plain text file. Open it with the Mac equivalent of notepad.
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    Lol i figured that out already :p somehow my textedit went missing thxs though
  23. Nice update with the group colours :)
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    hey, i love this plugin btw
    but when i use /nc blahblah
    it repeats it twice?
    /nc blahblah
    <Dan> blahblah
    <Dan> blahblah
    ???? o.o
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    I have added "adminchat" into permissions and my moderator who has that permission can join the channel and hear everything but he can not type in it. Any ideas why he cannot? he is not an op if that has anything to do with it.
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    That is very strange. Are you running any other chat plugins?

    He should be able to use it. Are you sure he is using the correct commands?

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    well i only use bcoloredchat plugin....
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    Will this work with the new Recommended Build #928?
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    Does this show up in Dynmap... If you dont know i will test on my server, 1 sec... will get back to you
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