[INACTIVE][ADMN] BukkitUp v2.0 - Keep your server current! [UPDATED!]

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    I got fed up with having to check for updates daily so I wrote this handy plugin to do it for me!

    Pros: automatic checking and file downloading

    Tested on CraftBukkit version: 53+

    To install simply place the jar in your plugins directory

    Usage: simply close your server and replace the jar with the downloaded one


    There is also one property you can add / edit into server.properties
    EDIT: UPDATED TO 2.0 NOTE: Upon initial placement "Integration" of the BukkitUp plugin your version will be read as -1, this will change upon the first run as bukkitup updates.

    Download: - BukkitUp

    Source: - BukkitUp
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    Thanks! Works like a charm, thanks for this post, Lamb.
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    So what do you do with the new craft_bukkit_(version number) archive?
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    Copy it to your main directory -> run that instead of your last build?
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    Jonathan Bloom

    On CraftBukkit #87 I get this error, SEVERE: Could not load plugins/BukkitUp.jar in plugins: null
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    Thnx, it works great! [​IMG]
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    Jonathan Bloom

    Ignore my support request, I didn't read about the server properties.
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    Awesome. Very handy to have. Thanks alot ! :)
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    Haha, alright. I was just about to answer you but I saw you fixed it on your own.

    :D, glad you enjoy it.
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    this is awesome thatks ALOT!
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    So you move the new downloaded archive to the first folder then rename?
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    I like that.... if it could also check for plugin updates it would be great - like the Updatr Plugin for hmod
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    very nice mod :) keep me from using old version on my server
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    hmm the idea is nice but I dont see the point running a plugin as it just adding bulk if thats all it can do.

    Its almost the same as me just setting a download manager to point at the bukkit and craftbukkit.

    Then when bukkit is more complete with #say in console I can then just whip up a quick batch file #say Messege about quick restart then have it stop the server replace the two files and boot it back up again.

    Dirty method yes I know, Would it work sure does.

    No offence or anything but I would expect a plugin to do the following,

    • Notify via console #say or via a in game fake message to all users that a update is in progress and have a % timer shown until download and backup is complete/Restart time.
    • Backup exsisting jars
    • Shut the server down replace the files and boot it back up checking for plugin errors.
    • Detect errors "exceptions" Stop server replace with backed up files repeat the boot up process.
    • Possibly even run a command during the download part like backup world and then wait for the download and world backup before shutting down.
    Before I would resort to using a pluign to auto update the core server jars, at least then the feature list is worth the extra bulk, I know I could peform some of it still with a batch file by making it backup first before replacing.

    Infact that be how you could make it backup and install the new update, Just have the plugin create a batch file, That way you only have to bulk the server with the Checking and Timer bit and leave the actual file replacement to the batch file.

    For example a update is detected, Notification gets broadcasted in game, a timer appears counting down the time until server is shut down.

    End of Timer Backup Batch file is ran, Batch files copys old files to a backup dir and replaces with the NEW downloaded update version. Then end of this process it runs the Startup Batch file.

    Startup Batch file then starts your sever Starting .bat file, Plugin gets enabled and checks for exceptions upon start if detected, Runs Batch another batch file that reverts the update back with the backed up files.

    Repeat the Startup process again.

    That is lossely how it could work,

    That way the only bulk comming from the plugin is during the timer process up until it shuts the server down and the checking for updates.

    You improve the check process so that it would only Check once during startup you could improve this further while have very little bulk to the server load by setting up the config file and the plugin the act as server restarter plugin and the config file would then have the details of were the users current startup.bat file is located and the time between each forced restart.

    That way it would notify every 2 days, restart the server upon starting check for update, backup and update then repeat.

    Note: My idea was only fromulated of the top of my head it does not counter in any other factors other then how to stop and start the server on a timer basis.
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    Awesomely awesome!
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    That's dirty. But yes; With a little bit of work i could write another version of the plugin to do something like that.
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    Yea it was kinda dirty method but there is light at the end of that tunnel in form of VERY little bulk added to server during operation as the plugin would only control the timer and restart functions batch files or a custom .jar would then be run to handle the backup and replacing downloading and checking. all of this as the SERVER starts up.

    So tech the only load is during the timer process and backup as the server will be running during that part. Besides its a SERVER its not ment to be a frontdesk interface for users, its more like the secret bat lair.
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    I like this plugin I think it is very useful saves me time and thanks!
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    I think I found a bug in BukkitUp...

    I rebooted my system while builds #116/117 were current, but were also failed builds... during this period BukkitUp caused all plugins that loaded after it to fail.

    I'm sorry I couldnt get the exact error, but it complained about a NULL, and asked if something was up to date.

    Once 118 came out the error went away. Maybe there needs to be a little error handling if there isn't a file present due to a failed.

    (only occurs if you reboot while the latest craftbukkit build is failed.)

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    I'm interesting in using this plugin as a 'base' for a more advanced update plugin with features that ledhead900 suggested.

    I don't know if this is 'legal' because of the licences?
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    No idea either, but i provided the project source as a reference not a base, please do not use any of my work as such.
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    Ok, If you don't want it I shouldn't, Hope you will keep updating this plugin!
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    Hello Lamp I thought I would post here to let you know there was a small issue with your plugin causing every plugin to fail to load. It seems it just wouldn't let any plugin load today after restarting my server. the exact error is in my uploaded file. After removing every plugin and adding them one at a time I found it was bukkitup causing it

    Attached Files:

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    i get the same error too with bukkit 141.
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    i also got this error . on all versions i tried
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    Same here... doesn't work anymore.
    Downloading it again from OP gives even more errors? :confused:

    The older version of BukkitUp (6 kb) is working again, new one (7 kb) still gives errors.
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    Was just an unhandled error due to lukegb's site bein down, i fixed it all versions will now properly notify you.
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    I just wrote a Alternative for BukkitUp. Called 'BukkitToDate', This plugin not only downloads only succeed builds, but also applies them. Soon also support for restoring to a specific build, Already has some update/check commands.

    Use BukkitUp if it does what you wants. Else try out BukkitToDate if your looking for something more.
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    I would love for this to place downloaded versions into a folder labeled with its version number... instead of just replacing older ones as it goes.
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    That's the whole point to open source, you can use whatever you want for whatever you want. Thus the "open" source
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    Open... Meaning anyone can see how it works.

    Source... Meaning licence held by creator.

    Doing what ever you want with it... Meaning stealing.

    "Software that has the source code used to build it available for everyone to view, enabling other people to modify the code if necessary."

    There are different types of open source (more specifically licensing), but if it is the express wishes of the writer, then sorry bud, yo u are out of luck.
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