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    AssignPermissions - Set Permissions groups in-game:
    Version: v1.1

    One of the issues with the Permissions plugin is that the only people who can add people to groups is the tech administrators. This creates an issue for servers who want an "intermediate" or "trusted" group, which would be assigned by moderators. Because most mods don't have access to the text file, the group is impractical. This plugin aims to resolve that.

    Download AssignPermissions v1.1
    Source Code

    • "/perm-add [username] [group]" - Adds a user to a certain group
    • "/perm-del [username]" - Removes a user's group
    • "/perm-list [group]" - Lists all the users in a group

    Because AssignPermissions is designed to manage a Permissions install, it's kind of obvious that Permissions must be installed. However, I'll state the obvious: Permissions MUST be installed to use AssignPermissions. Here is a list of the different permissions that AssignPermissions relies on:

    • "assignpermissions.add.all" - Add users to any group
    • "assignpermissions.add.group.[groupname]" - Add users to a specific group
    • "assignpermissions.del.all" - Remove users from any group
    • "assignpermissions.del.group.[groupname]" - Remove users from a specific group
    • "assignpermissions.list.all" - List any group
    • "assignpermissions.list.group.[groupname]" - List a specific group
    For example, if there is a "Trusted" group that moderators can add and remove, they should receive both the "add.group.Trusted" and "del.group.Trusted" permissions.

    Version 1.1
    • Automatically reloads Permissions plugin

    Version 1.0
    • Releasing AssignPermissions.
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    Hmmz... i had it working great, untill a guy put himself in a group where he lost his rights, and had another guy try to get him back in. No clue just how they did it, but at that time all /perm commands stopped functioning for all members, and that guys rights got screwed up completely. For example: he could set the second point of a selection using the //wand from Worldedit, but not the first point. Reloading and even Restarting server did not fix this. Even after deleting this plugin and all of the files it created in the AssignPermissions folder, the guy still had the same permission issues... I had to manually put his nick into the Permissions config file to get his rights straightened out again.

    Where else does this plugin store configurations? It must be somewhere since the bad configs were remembered...
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    It directly edits the the *world*.yml files stored in the Permissions folder so it doesn't have or store anything for itself except for a log of how it was used. And as far as I know it can only change what group a user belongs to, it can't change what permissions a specific group does or does not have. Also if they are careful with the capitalization you could end up with something like this
            group: Guests
            group: ''
    I don't know if that would cause a problem with Permissions or not though.
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    When you assign a permission, it screws up the whole Permissions file. Makes it all on one line with no line breaks and cuts it completely off after so many characters. Pretty sure it ends up breaking the whole YML code too.

    That fixable?

    @Pulsy This probably has something to do with your issue as well. Permissions no longer recognizes the coding after this program rewrites it.
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    It shouldn't have made the file all on one line but instead it probably removed the carriage returns. That is common for writers of the yml/xml type. Open the file with a text reader like notepad++ and you should see everything fine.
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    Hmmmz - i just found out my little brother has been messing with my minecraft.jar file. That probably caused most of my problems with selection wand not functioning. I'm definitely giving this plugin another try once this is fixed.
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    cb 711 - inactive
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    Actually, it still works with CB803. Can someone update the title and move it from inactive?
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    Wait, does it work with Permissions 3? I mean, the whole thing is organized differently with folders and such, so I doubt this will still work...
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    Well, there's in-game commands included in permissions 3, so you don't need AssignPermissions now. It was a great plugin though! Thanks for your work!
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    Oh wow. I didn't notice that lol.
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    Please Update this is the best plugin ever! Please update! :'(
    I cant live without it..
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    Still works for 818.

    I refuse to update to Permissions 3.x until it's stable, so I'm still loving this.

    Perhaps you could make an update to bring your simplified commands to Perm 3.x?
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    It's not worth the effort to keep updating this when it is redundant due to Permissions 3. This plugin is inactive. If someone wants to fork it and update it, go ahead.
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    the command from permissions it self is too complicated and it doesnt work with commandhelper :/
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    anyone updating this plugin?
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    please do, I am desperately in need of this plugin
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    I'm working on a update... This is a realy cool plugin!

    I hope it's done this week.
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  20. It still works for me, RB928 and Permissions 2.7.
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    But when I have permissions from the author I gonna start updating this :)
  22. /perm-add rcth Developer.:D
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    Haha, thank you :)

    I'm busy on it :)

    Watch this topic for more info later. :)

    NOTE: it is for permissions 2.X right? 3.X has ingame-commands. So, I update for 2.X

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  24. yup.
    Edit: What exactly are you adding/updating? It seems to work ok for me on the latest RB.
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    I see no reason to re-write this script.
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    This plugin still works fine for me b953.
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    it will work with any build so far, but it needs to be compatible with a certain permissions, im still using a 2.x jst for assign permissions and im fine
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    same as gurugamers.... with same console message..... fix????
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    if permissions 3.x are gonna have in game commands, help a noob out please, I've seen the thread, ive tried the promotion command (/pr <name> <group>) and it says [permissions] user/group does not exist help D=
  31. This plugin deals with 2.X permissions. The command is /perm-add Username Group
    Make sure you have capitals in the correct places.

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