[INACTIVE][ADMN] Admin Mode v0.4.3 - Save your items before dealing with griefers! [860]

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    Admin Mode is a simple plugin - it saves your items, health, and location so you can deal with griefers, bad players, etc.
    Like this plugin? Contribute to the developers :)
    Current Version: 0.4.3 (Download AdminMode.jar)
    Permissions Support! (Completely optional)
    The Commands
    • /adminmode - Save your items, health, and location
    • /am - Alias of /adminmode
    The usage is very simple. You type /am and it clears your inventory, saves your health, and saves your location. After you have dealt with the griefers, done your admin duties, or whatever you felt like doing, you simply need to type /am again and it will return your items, your health, and return you to where you were last standing.

    • 0.4.3
      • Updated to CB #818
    • 0.4.1
      • Updated to CB #677
      • Fixed Permissions support
    • 0.4
      • Updated to CB #617
      • Implemented the ability to switch on/off health/location/items resetting
      • Changed enable / disable to /am on|off (temporary, I hope.)
    • 0.3
      • Entities now avoid any player using Admin Mode.
      • Added configuration file. plugins/AdminMode/settings.properties
      • Added Permissions support. Use "adminmode.use" to allow a player or group to use /am (or /adminmode)
      • Added hook PLAYER_JOIN, if a player had disconnected and reconnected, their location, health, and inventory will be reset to what it was.
      • Added hook ENTITY_TARGET to allow the first change (entity will not target player)
    • 0.2
      • Implemented functional god mode, preventing the death of an operator teleporting to a player.
      • Removed extra call to players' inventory when restoring it.
      • Removed an unused import in amEntity.java
    • 0.1
      • Initial release.
    ... this idea originated from http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/7648/
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    I'd like to give this a shot. Has anyone used this with MultiInv?
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    can you update it so it saves your admin mode state? sometimes my client glitches and i need to relog to fix things, but i end up when i first started and need to start all over again. i believe this used to work in an older version, doesnt with latest.
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    That was actually considered a possible bug. Players' inventories could be lost if the server crashes.
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    There's a remarkable new feature where nothing actually happens when I use /am. Inventory isn't saved, location isn't saved, no godmode. Using the latest plugin on 733.
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    Love the sarcasm.
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    besides the sarcasm, it's happening to me too
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    Note that this hasn't been updated for 733. I will not be updating til' tomorrow. I am extremely busy until tomorrow night. Sorry.
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    I'm looking forward to have this plugin back on my server, I love it.
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    Waiting for update :S
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    I still have the problem that I can't access AdminMode when having set the * permission.
    (You do not have permission to run this command.)
    I use GroupManager of the Essentials plugin for my permissions.
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    Working on updates today.

    @registered Sorry, no. GroupManager is not integrated, nor do I intend on integrating it at the moment.

    Updated for latest build of CraftBukkit, no issues found.

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    When i go to download link it says:

    (using chrome)
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    This is an issue with Github, I'll see if I can get ahold of them and get the issue fixed.
  16. If I reload the server when in Admin Mode, it overwrites my old position and inventory ... see the problem is that I reload the most when I am doing admin duties.
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    There is not much I can do as far as reloading, I can only add in the ability to return the inventory if the player is online on disable, which I think is already enabled .. or maybe not.
  18. Where does it save the inv and position?

    Because I think you could always write it to a file...couldnt you? or is it already doing that?
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    How can i download this file (A) ( does not work on chrome or mozilla )
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    Are you still updating this plugin? If not I would like to continue it.
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    I've simply been really busy in the past few weeks. I'll more likely be updating it towards the end of next week or the week after this next week as school comes to an end for the year.
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    Well if you need any help let me know.
  23. Armor isnt saving
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    I'm getting 'access denied' when trying to use the download link. Is it down/broken?
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    I don't use this for anti-griefing measures. Me and my friend do a private server, and this is awesome for trips to the nether!

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    Hey toxic, cant you read/write to a file/database every-time a user uses /am the items,loc,health they are holding and whether it is enabled or not? this would solve your issues with server restarts, this is the only thing stopping me from using your plugin, if i could find the source i would have modified and submitted the changes to you by now.
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    I love this plugin! I was wondering if you ever though of making admin mode switch the users permissions group to an activeAdmins group. That way admins don't abuse their power. The admins keep giving themselves items on my survival server, but this would prevent that.
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    Sounds like you need to make a separate Admin group for them that doesn't have /give permissions. If they could do it with AM off, but not with AM on then they would just give themselves items with AM off.
  30. ok I agree with mynia. and what he's saying is exactly what hat said except changing the groups automaticly

    /am on switches to ActiveAdmin (has all the admin commands like /give)
    /am off switches to PassiveAdmin (takes away most abusible commands)

    need to switch permissions with am
    want flight with am... also fine with just changing permission groups.

    you could look at permissionsplus for ideas on how to change groups...
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    Switching permission groups would be interesting, but will not help prevent the abuse of commands. They will just switch to the what ever mode they have to be in to have access to the commands.
    Maybe you need a plugin that has someway of limiting the use or frequency of certain commands, or maybe hint to the admins they may lose their privileges if they keep abusing them.

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