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    VanishNoPickup - Make yourself invisible AND disable item pickups:
    Version: v1.9.12

    This plugin turns you invisible. It also allows you to disable item pickups. These two things go hand in hand when stalking a potential cheater.

    I'd written a separate plugin to do NoPickup, but decided it was always wanted when you Vanish, thus we have this plugin.

    Currently the plugin is setup to always disable item pickups when you go invisible.

    As of 1.7 you can add a Permission node to disable mobs from noticing you while invisible.

    Many thanks to Nodren, as I've basically taken his plugin and added functionality to it.

    • /vanish OR /poof - turns you invisible and stops item pickups
    • /vanish list shows you who is invisible
    • /np OR /nopickup - turns off all item pickups
    • /np list - shows you who has item pickups disabled
    • supports Permissions
    Download Here

    Source Code on Github

    • vanish.vanish - permission to vanish
    • vanish.list - permission to show who is vanished
    • vanish.dont.hide - Don't Hide other Vanished people from this group
    • vanish.nopickup - permission to turn off item pickups
    • vanish.nopickup.list - permission to show who has item pickups disabled
    • vanish.noaggromobs - all mobs fail to target you and are thus not aggressive

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    Version 1.9.10-12
    • Bugfix: Better player detection when TPing to players while vanished.
    Version 1.9.9
    • Bugfix: Vanished players don't take fall damage when TPing now.
    Version 1.9.8

    • Bugfix: Telporting players can't see invisible people(1/2 second after TP event...)
    Version 1.9.7

    • Bugfix: players TPing/respawning will be able to see vanished ppl.
    Version 1.9.6

    • Fixed bug where relogging as a non-vanished player would allow you to see vanished ppl
    Version 1.9.5

    • Updated to fix TPing to players while vanished.
    Version 1.8.1

    Version 1.7

    • updated alias' to work /nopickup and /poof
    • vanish.noaggromobs - all mobs fail to target you and are thus not aggressive
    Version 1.6.1

    • Fixed invisible after disconnecting/reconnecting.
    • Keeps your invisibility state properly
    Version 1.6

    • Added NoPickup functionality and Permissions nodes
    Version 1.5.2 and below:

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    • vanish.fakelogout - Hides the user from the /who and /list - might NOT be possible...
    • Make it so vanished players don't trigger pressure plates.
    • Settings To do following:
    • Force a particular group of people to join the NoPickup group when they login - maybe a combination of a negative permission and a config option
    • Allow toggling of noaggromob separate from vanish.
    • Force user to reappear if they attack
    • Force NoPickup when vanished
    • Add COLOR options for the different Vanish messages.

    Massive thanks and Credit:
    Nodren and mung3r
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    Is it possible to edit this so only the nameplate dissapears and not the person? I have everything to make and edit plugins and I downloaded the source but im new to making plugins so I have no idea. The reason I ask is for a server project I'm planning
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    Whenever somebody vanishes and TP's to somebody they die from falling. However when they turn off invis, it doesnt kill them.
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    Time for 953-compat now please? :)
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    I like the idea of this plugin :)
    I will suggest this to my co-admin and we will probably use it. I have just one question: Would it be possible to add a console command like "hidelogin <user>" that will prevent the login message for the next time <user> logs in and set him invisible directly? So when I notice something strange in the console log I can secretly log in to check that out?
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    I wondered: is it possible that the plugin delete the vanished players from the list of connected to the server?

    I would like to completely hide a player from the server. =p

    I failed (with many lolz) by typing /poof then /fl Gimlao... because I still was in the list of connected players. XD
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    I still am visible for Ops :( How do I change that without permissions?
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    Everything on this works completely fine for me but seems its starting to go inactive...maybe?
  12. Deathfromace: I had a walk through the sources and added:
    • Hide the user from the /list.
    • Make it so vanished players don't trigger pressure plates.
    • Allow toggling of noaggromob separate from vanish.
    I couldn't test all because my server is currently... ehm.. busy... :D
    I would like to add a hide in a /who list but for that to work I would need (a example of) the original output. Is it the same in every plugin or do I have to check that, too?
    Also I'm planning to add all features of the todo list (if I can and find the time).

    Svenboy222: I think I could add that (toggable from the console/chat for Ops or via config file).

    @EvilNilla: Do you want the patches or should I fork?

    //EDIT: Tested all: Working.
    Also added:
    • No join/quit message for vanish players (I can't delete it, I can only overwrite it. Has anybody a idea for good dummy messages? :D)
    • Fake quit message for players going into vanish mode.

    //EDIT: OK, I won't fork. There's still a fork: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/1000.24805/
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    This is great! Can you please make it so that when you're invisible you don't show in the playerlist? Thx!
  14. So it's still done but not released because I'm waiting for a reply from EvilNilla.
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    My friends can still see me. It seems not to be working for me
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    Some ppl can see me somehow while Im vanished. IDK why. It take them some time to see where am I but yea - thats strange.

    Do any of you know method of doing that? Maybe some program?

    It seems like ppl can see me right after I TP to them. Even if thats few moments after teleporting. Any way of fixing it?
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    Great plugin! I've been using this for quite some time now :)
    However, when I remove permissions for vanish and do a '/reload', it seems to really screw up Permissions :(

    Any idea what can be done here? <3
  18. People, this plugin is inactive!
    Have a look at this for a fork/extension/...
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    Great plugin!!!! I'm waiting for that hide in /list or /who feature :)
  20. Why doesn't anybody read this thread? There is a fork out! The fork hides you from the list...
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    Hey, I cant pick up items, that works, but I am not invisible, so does my friend says.
    please help
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    I have a suggestion. Could you make it so when a player vanishes they have god mode? And make it configurable? Thanks. :D
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    Cool plugin im going to try it.
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    How about "Invisible Chat" feature, so if someone is invisible, what they can be seen by other invisible people. (But not corporeal people, obviously)

    I don't know if this is even possible, but it would be pretty useful

    Couldn't you just activate god mode after you become invisible?
    There are plenty of god plug-ins out there, why make one more?

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    I confirm that this still works perfect on #1000, excellent plugin exactly what I needed, when a new person joines just tp to him being invisible and follow to see if he will straight away start griefing or hacking. Perfect...
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    sadly Requires Permissions3/PermissionsEx
    can we get some alternative permission plugin support forked.
  27. Hum, permissions, permissions... I always hear people crying about different permisson systems. But, and this is a question to devs using permissions, don't all the permission systems out there support a system to add/remove permissions on the fly (while the server is up and running)? If so: Is somebody with permission experience willing to help me write a plugin which connects all permission sytems (so each X ticks syncronize permissions between them)? I think this would be an awesome plugin: Devs shouldn't care which system threy want to support anymore and users don't have to install what plugins want, they can install what they like most. :)

    @axebyte: Would you be happy with such a PermissionsConnect plugin, too? :)

    //EDIT: In the meantime try the plugin I attached. I started to fork this, too but when I saw the existing fork I stopped.
    It has still more features than VanishNoPickup but it may be buggy. Also I can't tell you the exact changes anymore.
  28. Since administrate overlaps with essentials, on far too many areas, if you use essentials, I recommend using the version included in the essentials extra package in the essentials thread. Essentials added a hook to allow plugins to hide users from all essentials commands, including /list, /msg, /tpa etc. Vanish version in the essentials extra package, has been updated to support this, as well as fake login/out.

    The source of the fork can be found:

    @Sleaker might also include the tie in to essentials, but for now the essentials fork will work better.
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    @KHobbits - I don't like how Essentials took my ideas and then wrote their own version for it instead of providing support for an already active plugin (mine). Now I get people complaining it doesn't work with essentials or telling me that I should support it when Essentials could have added 1 simple hook to make it work with their /list or any of their commands. It doesn't overlap with Essentials in a lot of areas.. It overlapped on 1 command before they added all their own unecessary vanish stuff GodMode.
  30. @Sleaker - Essentials DID add the simple hook, and simply forked the vanish code on github. Since this thread is dead, the plugin was released to other players in the 'extra' section of essentials.

    Curently Administrate overlaps with essentials in:
    /god, /heal, /tp, /tpall, /tppos, /tphere

    Essentials added the /fakequit and /fakejoin functionality, which isn't really an original idea, given on how many times its requested in this thread, as far as I know snowleo wasn't even aware of your plugins existence.
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    I'm afraid this doesn't work in combination with SuperpermsBridge-1.2 :(

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