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    VanishNoPickup - Make yourself invisible AND disable item pickups:
    Version: v1.9.12

    This plugin turns you invisible. It also allows you to disable item pickups. These two things go hand in hand when stalking a potential cheater.

    I'd written a separate plugin to do NoPickup, but decided it was always wanted when you Vanish, thus we have this plugin.

    Currently the plugin is setup to always disable item pickups when you go invisible.

    As of 1.7 you can add a Permission node to disable mobs from noticing you while invisible.

    Many thanks to Nodren, as I've basically taken his plugin and added functionality to it.

    • /vanish OR /poof - turns you invisible and stops item pickups
    • /vanish list shows you who is invisible
    • /np OR /nopickup - turns off all item pickups
    • /np list - shows you who has item pickups disabled
    • supports Permissions
    Download Here

    Source Code on Github

    • vanish.vanish - permission to vanish
    • vanish.list - permission to show who is vanished
    • vanish.dont.hide - Don't Hide other Vanished people from this group
    • vanish.nopickup - permission to turn off item pickups
    • vanish.nopickup.list - permission to show who has item pickups disabled
    • vanish.noaggromobs - all mobs fail to target you and are thus not aggressive

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    Version 1.9.10-12
    • Bugfix: Better player detection when TPing to players while vanished.
    Version 1.9.9
    • Bugfix: Vanished players don't take fall damage when TPing now.
    Version 1.9.8

    • Bugfix: Telporting players can't see invisible people(1/2 second after TP event...)
    Version 1.9.7

    • Bugfix: players TPing/respawning will be able to see vanished ppl.
    Version 1.9.6

    • Fixed bug where relogging as a non-vanished player would allow you to see vanished ppl
    Version 1.9.5

    • Updated to fix TPing to players while vanished.
    Version 1.8.1

    Version 1.7

    • updated alias' to work /nopickup and /poof
    • vanish.noaggromobs - all mobs fail to target you and are thus not aggressive
    Version 1.6.1

    • Fixed invisible after disconnecting/reconnecting.
    • Keeps your invisibility state properly
    Version 1.6

    • Added NoPickup functionality and Permissions nodes
    Version 1.5.2 and below:

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    • vanish.fakelogout - Hides the user from the /who and /list - might NOT be possible...
    • Make it so vanished players don't trigger pressure plates.
    • Settings To do following:
    • Force a particular group of people to join the NoPickup group when they login - maybe a combination of a negative permission and a config option
    • Allow toggling of noaggromob separate from vanish.
    • Force user to reappear if they attack
    • Force NoPickup when vanished
    • Add COLOR options for the different Vanish messages.

    Massive thanks and Credit:
    Nodren and mung3r
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    Just so you know, I'm always seen when invisible and teleporting to someone. The last update made it this way.
  3. That Item Pickup-Bug is fixed for me with Craftbukkit 935
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    can u plz make a way for other ops to not be able to see you when not using permissions?
  5. I'm also still being seen for that 1/2 second on teleport.
    Would really love this bug to get perma fixed as it makes it a pain to catch xrayers =/
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    nice plugin, are you going to add the "fake logout" soon?
  7. Fantastically useful plugin. Would it be possible to exclude vanished player(s) from MapMarkers? Otherwise, it makes it difficult to conceal the fact you're checking up on potential cheaters... :)
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    Couldn't agree more, although it may be a bukkit issue.
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    A feature I'd like to see added is the ability to temporarily vanish another player with the use of /vanish <player>. Yes you could temporailry add the permission(s) to the user (if using permissions), but I find it'd be easier to do it the way I suggested.
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    I'm still using version 1.7 due to this bug (ppl see you vanished for 1 or 2 seconds).

    Vanish 1.7 doesn't have this bug, so I assume that this is NOT a bukkit issue.

    BTW: I can upload 1.7 if someone wanna give it a shot (runs fine on #860 and #935)
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    Seems not to work at all with #953 - and no errors on the server...

    @andrewkm - are you sure VanishNoPickup works? Have you had someone confirm you disappeared?

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    I've had 2-3 users on the server watching me while ventrilo chatting as I used the plugin.
    It is working perfectly fine.
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    Oops - I was being an idiot. Confirmed working with #953. Nice.
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    when i tryed to use it in my server to follow someone and see if it worked and they were able to see me and hit me
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    Works great with 953 Thans for a fantastic plugin!
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    Excellent plugin. Works for [953], but not 100% effective at all times.

    After you install it, you need to make sure (1) you rebooted your server so the plugin was properly loaded, (2) you have permission to /poof, and (3) you actually /poof before trying to follow someone (LOL).

    I just had a similar problem on my server, but after another reboot, everything was fine. When you type /poof or /vanish, you'll be told on-screen that the command worked.

    Could definitely use an update after all, I guess. I am currently in God mode and /poofed, but still being chased by a bunch of zombies.

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    My cloaking device is running at about 90% after the 1.7.2/953 update.
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    Can you disable picking up of fired arrows?
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    @EvilNilla can we get status or updates?
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    vanish.noaggromobs is doing nothing, when mods tp they appear for half a sec, and when they tp without flyhax they take uber fall damage.
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    This, when i do /poof and i tp to someone i fall from the sky and die, even with godmode on.
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    well if u dont have permissions everyone sees you
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    When you said "If you could add a /nolist or something" The command is /quit.
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    Guys and Gals, check out Administrate. It's got a lot of the same functionality, and more, along with being [953] compatible.
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    Thanks so much. Your mod let me catch a suspected diamond thief in the act.
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    Am I the only one finding vanish no longer working?
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    im prboz and idiot but im not invisible after using the command. wats wrong??
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    update it please :)
  31. Bug: Slimes can still see/chase you when invisible.

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