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  1. RestartNow - Complete Restarts:
    Version: v0.3_2

    When i first joined bukkit, I was very surprised by the fact that there was no way to restart the server. Yes, there are toolkits and modified .bat's or .sh's, but why isn't there just a plugin? That's what this is for.

    • Full Server Restarts.
    • Compatible with any OS!
    • Compatible with any startup script.
    • Automatic restarts every x minute(s)!
    • Restart the server when there are no players on the server!
    • Reload the server when there are no players on the server!
    • Permissions/Group Manager support
    • Commands include:
      • /restart -- restarts the server
      • /schedulerestart <time + time unit> -- cancels all planned restarts and schedules the server to be restart in <time + time unit>
      • /resettimers -- cancels every planned restart
      • /kickall -- kicks everyone from the server, including yourself if its not from the console
      • /saveworlds -- saves all worlds
      • /reloadplugin <plugin> -- reload plugin X
      • /restartnow <update> -- displays general information and updates the server
    To Do

    • Wrapper -- High
    Known Bugs

    • After a restart linux users can't see the gui(it's still running!)
    • Does not work with MCMA(use its /restart command, not fixable by me)
    • /restartnow update does not download 0.3_1, please manually update till i get back
    • Update times are slightly screwed up (sorry :/) Will be fixed ASAP
    • You can't have a space from C:/(or your default drive) to craftbukkit.jar. A fix will be out soon
    • Configuration options still give an error when the config is setup wrong...

    Source Code

    How to Install:
    There is now a semi-complete wiki! hopefully this helps clear up any confusion.
    Wiki Here
    In linux if you restart the server, there will be NO console gui to type commands into. The server is still running, there is just no GUI. I can make it a simple light weight wrapper, comment on if you would rather have a console gui or a wrapper!

    • Version 0.3_2
      • Very important bug fix in restartNowMain.jar
    • Version 0.3_1
      • Fix notification times(again!)
      • Test updating from the console! Type /restartnow update ;)
    • Version 0.3
      • Huge update! Please delete your configuration file
      • API! Check the wiki for more information
      • Auto updating!(Give a huge thanks to @Adamki11 , he created the lib, and I modified to suit my needs)
      • Auto extracting! No more pesky zip file
      • Completely reworked structure.
      • Broadcast times FIXED!
      • Other various bug fixes
      • Added a github wikipedia
    • Version 0.2_1
      • Fix the Reload-Server problem
    • Version 0.2
      • New command. /reloadplugin <plugin name>. Pretty simple, reloads that plugin. Must be the same exactly spelling as the plugin when listed in /plugins
      • The command /schedulerestart <time> is changed to /schedulerestart <time + time unit> the time units are same for config as they are for this command.
      • Huge update for the config. Look at the documentation again ;)
      • Broadcast with X minutes left till restart!
      • The linux server is kinda fixed. Checkout above
      • No player reload.
      • Much more stable.
    • Version 0.1_2 -- Note quick reupload for Ubuntu users to change the way the .sh is opened
      • Full fix for Windows users. Upload now includes a bat file(windowsonly.bat) that is required for windows users.
    • Version 0.1_1
      • Fixed the duplicate command prompt error on Windows.
    • Version 0.1
      • It's out!
      • Added some changes from the beta version such as more commands, another safeguard, and improved permissions handling.
    Error Reports:
    • Please post feature requests/bugs to github, makes it easier to get them all!
    • If you would like to submit a bug(github/forum), please use this method:
    • Before you do anything, open a command line
    • cd to the server directory
    • type java -jar restartNowMain.jar "<name of bat or sh>" "<os name> "1"
    • Code:
      Config File
                                     The .sh or .bat you use to start the server
                                     What happened when you did the steps above with a command line?
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    the problem is you cant have < > in the name. i had the same problem but keeping the < > and only putting run.bat makes it run with a "bad syntax". also i would advise adding this to the windows instructions.
  3. oh, you mean people are putting <run.bat> ?
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    yes that was what people may put there, i know that i did as that is what the instructions seem to say
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    Ryan Palkovic

    Aidan, the problem is that for the most part, you're dealing with the lowest common denominator here. People who have never run a server and have no idea what they're doing think that they can run an MC server for cheaper (better/whatever) then they can find one online so they try to do it themselves without any experience.

    I would never have considered wrapping my bat/sh file in brackets, but I have a decent amount of experience under my belt. You've got to write instructions as if people have never used a computer, unfortunately.

    That said - any progress on 0.2? Can't wait to start using this on my server.
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    Alright, So I am on a Mac computer. I configured my properties accordingly and followed your directions step by step. However it does not seem to work. I do not get any errors but it just isn't working for some reason. For my operating system I put OS X, and the executable I put start.command - how I start my server.
  7. Thanks, i realize that now :D I'm going to update the OP with pictures asap, along with 0.2
    make note, never give a release date ;)
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    I hope you update this plugin ^^ I would love to restart my server every hour couse of cpu useage ^^.
    In the moment I got this error by testing the restartnowmain.jar with this command:
    java -jar restartNowMain.jar start linux 1
    java -jar restartNowMain.jar start debian 1
    java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "gnome-terminal": java.io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory
            at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(ProcessBuilder.java:460)
            at java.lang.Runtime.exec(Runtime.java:593)
            at java.lang.Runtime.exec(Runtime.java:431)
            at java.lang.Runtime.exec(Runtime.java:328)
            at com.tips48.restartNowMain.Main.main(Main.java:30)
    Caused by: java.io.IOException: java.io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory
            at java.lang.UNIXProcess.<init>(UNIXProcess.java:148)
            at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(ProcessImpl.java:65)
            at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(ProcessBuilder.java:453)
            ... 4 more
    I use a Debian 6.0 Vserver controld over ssh/putty
    I hope you fix that soon.

    MFG VirusWare
    And sorry for my bad english
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    Ok stay tuned so I can have a fast answer plugin maker

    #RestartNow Config
    #Sun Jun 05 15:22:38 EDT 2011
    OS-Name=Windows (7)

    Ok what it does..It does nothing..It works to /restart but it just stops the server and dosent restart I really need to restart my server please help me I have done everything it says in the description
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    Hi.., Just curious.. how can I change this to /reload instead of /restart? can you teach me?
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    Using commandhelper, you can alias this doing '/reload=/restart'
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    oh.. wait.. That isn't what I mean.. I want to auto reload my servers when there's no people in my server..
  13. @morizuki
    i could add that
    @Deatlev and @VirusWare sorry, i *think* i know both of your issues. I'm really trying to get 0.2 out soon, but i have a life too ;) Linux support is the only way of keeping me from releasing it.... Right now to start the server i have tried
    /bin/bash screen ./<sh name> *doesn't work*
    /bin/bash ./<sh name> *starts server without gui*
    i just need to find out how to use screen, and it will be out. If only i had a Ubuntu machine!
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    woah nice.. Thanks.. I'll wait for that :D
  15. yep. Thinking about it, that would be really easy ;)
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    haha okk thanks :D
  17. in the next update.
    linux support *head banging*
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    also can you do something about the time? instead of Minutes.. use seconds?
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    restartNowMain.jar goes in the minecraft folder, not the plugins folder
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    Works :)

    Dont restart only Stop :(
  22. Yes

    Your on linux?

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    Ok thanks :D i'll be waiting for the reload :)
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  25. yep, figured.
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    Ah found :)
    But i havnt a Bat :/ i only use a command to start
  27. hu?
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    Ryan Palkovic

    Is there a reason you're looking at gnu screen vs. just running a script that we've created? I ask because I already use screen when starting my server and would rather not have a screen within a screen...
  29. when you run the script there is no console to type in commands, which alot of people use. Thats the problem ;)
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    So who can help me ?
    I Configured Lin ux and it wont work
  31. give me a sec and checkout 0.2 gotta update op and dl

    Updated to 0.2
    there will be no gui when you restart the server. the server will still be on, you just can't see it. The only way i could fix this is to make this a wrapper. so my question is,
    Should i make this a extremely light weight wrapper. Quote this post with what you think!

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