In NEED Of PLugin Devloper For My Server

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by maxietaxie300, Dec 10, 2011.

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    hey guys im looking for a GOOD plugin developer that can develope plugins for my server. the requirements are below:

    - need to know most of Java and how to make plugins
    - need to of made and posted more than 1 plugin on bukkit
    - have to be avalible when im in need
    - also must be friendly and able to troubleshoot easily

    if you have these requirements and are up for the job comment below! and also include stuff that might help u get the job!

    P.S the server ip is:
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    Im ur man PM Me
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    I can help too. :3
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    sure how many plugins have you done in ur life?
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    I have made a few.
    NoEndermen ( on bukkit )
    Pr3datorCraft ( Private )
    VineDrop ( Private )
    Kirin ( Private )
    KillStreaks ( WIP )
    and helped with this ( my name in the plugin.yml )
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    well im terribly sorry Mate but i just found a good fir for the job. better luck next time mate! but cheers mate!

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