I'm sorry dave i cannot let you do that.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Flamingsword, Aug 16, 2011.

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    'I'm sorry, dave, i cannot let you do that.'

    The message bothers me, cause i cannot whitelist people, and i dont want to use PermissionsBukkit. Cause it doesnt have Prefixes/Coloured names,

    I've also tried to Download a seperate Whitelist plugin, It didnt work at all...
    I also dont want to download HeroChat to get the prefixes/Colored names, Since if i get PermissionsBukkit i will have to add All the users, All the groups, all the permissions, over to PermissionBukkits format, from Permission 3.X's

    Is there a solution?
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    Did you op yourself?
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    I have the same issue, but i can't whitelist anyone even through console. I have to manually put them in the .txt file :(

    14:48:37 [INFO] Opping console
    well, it was worth a shot...
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    Get he superperms bridge and run that in your plugins directory.
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    That means that you are trying to use an OP command but you aren't an OP.
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    I am an OP, the console isnt even able to whitelist..
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    Yes its not through the minecraft client. Does that mean console doesnt have perms?!
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    Permissions plugin does not come with coloured text but there is plugins like ichat that would allow you to put something like & then a number or a letter for a colour...
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    Marco Moreira

    I have this issue its stupid :S anyways used to work now id doesn't since update 1060
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    also having this issue :(
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    get superperms instead of permissionsbukkit.
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    Lunar Delta

    Posts like this need to stop. "Superperms" is part of the Bukkit API which implements permissions. "PermissionsBukkit" is a plugin for managing SuperPerms permissions.

    Anyway, if you want to use something that is the most similar to permissions but also supports SuperPerms, I would recommend PEX. I used to use GroupManager. I used it for a very long time. When the time came, I manually copied everything over to the PEX format. It took me less than an hour and the benefits were more than worth it. Don't be lazy. Make the effort. If you don't want to, I suggest shutting your server down now.
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    PEX can automatically import the Permissions files. The absolute only difference there, is it puts them in one file.
    Thats a problem? just go to the bottom of "users" and make a load of new lines with just a #. Makes a nice big whitespace for you to easily find the gap :)

    As for coloured names, PEX comes with a colouring plugin, just set you're "prefix" option to be 'Prefix> &6<' and that will make your in game name appear as "<Prefix> <Name>" For example.
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    Thank you both, it works!
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    There is a bug in RB 1060 that prevents anyone from using the 'whitelist add' command. This has been fixed in a development build (from b1062 and onwards).
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    What he --^ said.
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    I think this is only the default whitelisting - We use a whitelist plugin (for permissions) and it works fine on 1060...
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    First of all ops cant do anything to ops on my server....
    u need to deop them...
    so that might work for u..... Perms 3.x is gone... so i switched to PermsBukkit.... permsbukkit is SO easy! :) and mChat is the prefix plugin for PermsBukkit... hope i helped!
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