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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by failtolawl, Sep 6, 2014.

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    You know what I find hilarious about this chain of developers magically leaving?

    They are abandoning THOUSANDS of servers.

    Like, congrats? you waited until the most amount of people RELIED on you to update and take care of your "code". And an update to minecraft to just give up? are you serious?

    This isn't even "a good run".

    The entire time you have been in here you take 3 weeks to update your code to the next minecraft version, and hilariously you haven't even made a successful BETA for the OLD minecraft version.

    This is the community of minecraft.

    Are you going to at least give out the code? OF COURSE NOT! Why would we ever have the intention of making the minecraft community last longer than your "project"? That's ridiculous! Take them down with us, amirite?

    And maybe I am just ignorant, but you have 2 companies, Curse and Mojang, that OWN YOU. You can't just go "oh somebody took down some of our code, better go play Dayz"

    Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

    - A pissed off server owner of 3 years.
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    Sounds like an ungrateful user. These people worked for years with no pay developing Bukkit free of use. They aren't required to be here, and can leave at any time. That's how volunteer jobs work.
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    I see exactly where they are coming from, and have to say I agree with them.
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    "These people worked for years with no pay developing Bukkit free of use."

    Yea, and I have ran a server with no pay for the enjoyment of users. I wouldn't give up if somebody blew up half the map or DDoSed me. I would stop being a little bitch and continue what I started, or at least find a stopping point or a means of contuniation that doesn't leave my community wondering why I just gave up.

    Get off the team's dick and pay attention to what is actually going on.
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    I see another uninformed person in the lot.

    None of us were able to participate in updating Bukkit since "Mojang took over." Also, 3 weeks? 1.8 just came out this week.
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    No one is asking to use bukkit, you are acting like bukkit has placed a MONOPLY on server modificatiosn, they're alternatives, or better yet, write your own and see how much of a walk in the park it feels like, bro.

    EDIT: That, and your porfile picture makes your post even more frightening.
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    Please link me to the recommended build of 1.7

    Oh wait. They didn't even make one. and 1.7 has been out for 10 months.
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    This is defiently going to land into flame-war terrotiry within 3 more post, so I might as well contribute.

    1.7 had a hella of a lot added to it. They changed 300k lines of code, bukkit doesn't have an office of 100 people, they aren't a company, mojang is a company, bukkit are a bunch of people collarabitng together. A beta build is enough really, beta builds and recommend builds aren't that different etiher.
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    Please link me to all the work you did for this community. Oh wait, you can't, because this is locked.

    I don't feel sorry for you one little bit. While there are many in this community caught in this mess that I do feel bad for, you are not one of them.
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