I'm not getting many players.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by JacobYarbrough, Jun 4, 2013.

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    I opened a server Friday. It has 4GB RAM and around 30 plugins. It's plain survival with bukkit. I don't like factions. I have a few dedicated players. Around 6. I already have 8 staff which is more than enough right now. I am having a huge problem attracting players and I don't know why. I set up my whole server the week before I opened using localhost and moved all of the files. None of my current players have any problems. People join but 90% of the time they always leave. Can you please help me? I really need advice.

    IP: mc.rapidcraft.net:25576
    Website: snitchcraft.enjin.com
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    Ew Enjin, that's an idea. Don't use Enjin.

    People don't play survival anymore much. They want minigames and that's a shame.
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    Minigames are so.. contradictory to the idea of Minecraft. I like enjin though. It's easiest for me.
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    You are doing the same as the other thread asking for help, the MAJORITY dislike Enjin. It doesn't matter if you like it, others don't! Your wanting others to come and play, not yourself. So take the opinions of others and stop defending it, they're the one that will come to your server. So take upboard the opinions offered. I personally hate Enjin and wouldn't donate to a server with it and it would put me off play on it.
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    You're a sheep.
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    You should add mini-games and survival, that's my advice to you.

    -Check out my signature XD
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    Care to explain?
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    Its an animal XD
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    I know it is hard, but you need to lose the staff.

    Newby staff = Chating staff, cheating staff = players quit.

    if there are any rules that need enforcing, use plugins to enforce them.
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    I don't mind losing staff. I just need advice. I don't need to be told that people hate enjin and they will never use my server because of it. People aren't required to use the website.
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    There are MILLIONS of standard survival servers out there, so many that all the players that like survival are divided among the many servers, leaving the average ones with very small amounts of players.

    you need to make the server unique, best way to do this is get a plugin developer, or learn to be one yourself.

    There are alot of people which will help small servers for free, just respect them and be clear on what you want.

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    Your asking why people wouldn't join and Enjin is mine. What makes anyone else opinion anymore vauble or right, or mine wrong? I actually didn't say i wouldn't play on it! I said i wouldn't donate. To donate you need to go to the website, so for that you need to have seen the website. Enjin gives an impression of pop up and little effort. As it's free and a standard profile/design.

    I didn't say what is a sheep, i said care to explain. Asking the reasons for being called one, not what one is.

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    Yeah, I was going to mention the port, but only really newbie players wouldn't know how to add ports to IPs, but you don't want newbie players anyway :p
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    Thing is, only newbie players would even bother playing on a public server if they have to put a port on it. If the host did not have the knowledge/ability/funds to setup a minecraft on a standard port, the server is most likely not worth playing on. I mean really, a half decent server/vps will cost you easily 100's monthly, but you have 10-year olds who think their server is fun and unique because they have "friendly staff"... I mean, look at a screenshot I took of a post here because of how ridiculous it was.

    $7... and he "can't afford it".

    Honestly, although I appreciate how easy Bukkit has made it to set up your own server and get friends to play on it, the downside is that you get a mass influx of low-quality, generic servers that someone paid $10 for and expect people to flock to it so they can play admin and feel important...
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    You're here asking for help on how to draw more players and you insult someone by calling them a sheep?
    That's completely disrespectful and goes against everything you're asking for. The user didn't tell you "Don't use Enjin", he explained why people don't like it and gave a valid opinion. And then you insult and ignore him.

    You should really think about how you want to treat people after asking for their help.
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    I hate these 12 year olds who just make a server, yet they don't KNOW what they are doing and then they WANT help but REFUSE to listen to it. You are better of playing on another server rather than trying to own one, as it clearly isn't working out.
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    Enjin isn't free.. I pay $30 a month. Goes to show how much you know.
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    Actually, using Enjin is like using a dot.tk domain... Sure, you can pay for more features/ownership and whatnot, but to the end-user, it will already be unprofessional because the VAST MAJORITY of users of the same service tend to use the free plans, and is already associated with being lazy/nonprofessional.

    Anyways, why ask for help if you're going to get defensive when people point out what's wrong with your server? Even if you don't like the suggestion, just say something along the lines of "thanks I'll consider it", and that's that. You don't have to be rude and start arguing with someone who was trying to give you advice.
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    Has it ever occurred that the lack of players may be correlated to your attitude towards others?

    For the most part, you get back what you put into a server, unless your one of the very lucky who had a good idea that required minimal effort to pull off, you'll be working to get your desired community.

    A well designed website which includes ample, but to the point, documentation about your server is big plus. A server with a well managed plugin list and a clean, organized world is what mature and quality players look for.

    An active owner who respects their players, along with an active staff who are courtesy and professional is again what mature and quality players look for in a server.

    None of the above is really easy to do, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to achieve, and it's never complete, theres always something to be improving upon.

    I run the atypical survival pvp server, except my server is far from new, I just never decided to change the genre as I prefer it over the more popular server genres like mini-games and factions and what now. At the end of the day it attracts mature and high quality players which are fun to be around.
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    Didnt want to be rude but
    have you ever read this kind of words

    "Customer Is King"

    Understand It ?
    No ? that's mean you are not the top YES I know you are the owner but who are you without player and donator ? you are just an owner in an empty server doesn't know what to do and finnally shutting down the server. Creating a pure survival with bukkit is completely useless, add some plugins that is fun like pet, jobs, etc

    wait.. Dont think plugin is the only way what people seek. Fun stuff to do is ALSO what people seek read this ridiculous story of mine

    I once in a server, (Im not an owner that time) im just a player. I've studied minecraft at that server and i want to contribute something to that server so i made an Event Island, build with all of my items. i spend all of my money to build that EventIsland with redstones and piston and blocks i make more or less 20 events (10 minigames 10 Main Event) and make an event for it. The first week i made it 50 people from 75 people in the server join my event and they enjoy it really much they are always waiting for my event every week.

    So make an interesting event you dont need to do it daily you can do it like 1 months a week and dont make games like running,mob killing or spleef make something really really interesting and people will join to your server.

    Bukkit plugin change drastically minecraft server USE IT, bring it to the max potential to make a FUN server
    and please remember the last thing only make staff people you trust and always updating your server :D

    Good Luck with your server

    ---------= IGNORE THIS =--------------
    Only work to my country perhaps
    BTW make a good chat formatting not instead of

    <smsunarto> : THIS IS NOOB CHAT
    [Survival][Owner](Jobs) smsunarto> This is more nice :) <---- Btw i want to make it colored text but how do i do it in bukkit.org forums ?
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    Very good points, although I absolutely disagree on chat. Chat should have one/two small prefixes (although colours are nicer to show rank) otherwise it looks horribly cluttered :p
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    Agreed! This is much better:
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    Alot of good points here. summarize what I learned, redo chat prefixes, Create website other than enjin, this sucks, but ok will do, I have many minigames but am just getting all set-up working right, but advertise them. Staff is a little chatty. What few staff I have. I am a little chatty. If I am pushing adds I'll get maybe one good player a day everyone else bounces or asks for op.
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    Torch him up Gravity

    You are paying $30 dollars too much, a webhost can cost ~$2-5 dollars a month, and a domain cost about $10 dollars a year, there are many better website templates, softwares elsewhere, and even some of these users on bukkit may write your site for relatively cheap. Server with a website is a must for me, and it's even better when the webpage is linked to the server in a big way such as the Shotbow Network's webpage where you earn XP and can spend the XP on the website for kits and such, I will agree with everyone who doesn't like Enjin, just because I hate the layout and how many useless widgets there are. Just my opinion, not asking you to change anything about your server.

    With the chat though, I wouldnt make the prefix's like Owner and everything look too special, I would just use the prefix, staff like so.

    '[World_1][Staff] TheTrixsta > Lets make this server betterrrrr... '

    also dont get crazy with colors, and give the server a good flow, you dont want players joining and not knowing what to do!

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    chat (open)


    These are the rank formats on my server, powered by ColoredGroups (which is how I was able to display them all)

    Notice how Donator ranks are in () while regular ranks are in [] (besides owner) and staff is in {} ?

    And yes I have the most unimaginative ranks on my server, never bothered to change them for over a year now.
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    That looks really nice and organized
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    Yeah i already told him its way to much. but a mod removed it because of my 'attuide' in how i said it :L Also your payying $30 a month for your server, but it can hold like 50 people or something when i looked and you've only ever had like 150 unique players and when i went on no one else was, dont you think you need downgrade and save some $$$?
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    i dunno my chat format thingy is based on a survey i gave to my user which they more preffered a complex one or a simple one they say they like the complex one so i grant their wish :confused:, cos most of big server in my country have complex chat style

    -- I meant to use color in my post but i cant figure how to make colored fonts :confused:

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    Owners that are arrogant, and think they know best are the ones who are at the end of day with bad servers with no players, My advice is listen to everyones advice, make a to-do list and work on it.
    " pay $30 a month for enjin" but can't afford a $3 web host lol
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