I'm looking to learn how to script for servers, could I have some advice?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Charlie905, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Hello. As the title says, I want to pick up some knowledge on how to code for Minecraft servers. I haven't played Minecraft in about a year but I'm offering someone a hand with a server and I'd be able to help further if I could code.

    I've got a few questions:
    Would it be a good idea to learn from codecademy (http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/javascript)?
    When coding, is there just one language involved (presumably Java), or more (e.g. C++)?
    On average, how long does it take to learn enough Java to be confident enough to be able to script independently (not having to search for stuff and getting stuck constantly)?
    Are there any good threads or guides I should follow?
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    First, no. Codecademy doesn't offer Java courses, they offer JavaScript courses (I'm also moderator at CC (not that you care ;))).

    Anyway, Java is the programming language that the Bukkit API is written in. You must first learn the Java programming language before you can learn the Bukkit API. An API is an Application Programming Interface. They provide methods (functions as some programming languages call them) which facilitate development of whatever they try to achieve: in Bukkit's case, plugins (and CraftBukkit itself).

    There is no average for "how long" it takes to become confident to program in Java, but once you've got basic to intermediate level Java knowledge and know what you're talking about, then I recommend looking at more advanced concepts such as Collections and Reflection. Just visit http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/ for all kinds of useful information. You can use this site to read up on more basic concepts if you wish, but I'm not a learn-by-reading sort of guy, so in the past I've used http://youtube.com/thenewboston for his Java tutorials. For BukkitAPI tutorials, I recommend http://youtube.com/bukktuts (made by our very own drtshock), http://youtube.com/appljuzeprogramming (made by Appljuze), and http://youtube.com/pogostick29dev which are all great channels. There are many more, but I really need to warn you about TheBCBroz which you should not watch for Bukkit learning.

    There are no "guides" per se, but what I've linked you to above (self-taken courses/tutorials if you will) can help you get started. A lot of this is experimenting on your own and just having fun, so do so, have fun. And good luck.
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    Yes, like Jake said, I'd recommend looking at thenewboston for general Java tutorials, etc. if you're into learning through videos. However, (Jake), I'm just wondering, what's wrong with TheBCBroz coding tutorials? I haven't, nor plan to, watch his tutorials, but i'm curious as to why you warn to stay away from watching his tutorials.
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    The best way to learn to code is to just dive in. Pick a language (for Minecraft probably best to pick Java). Then looking a "Hello World" sample, run it, then build it up from there.

    It also helps if you have some goal program you want to write and inch toward it. For Java, writing Minecraft plugins is a great way to go about it because it's fun.

    As for business work, I prefer C#/.NET. :)
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    Fairly large bump there, but TheBCBroz' videos do not follow proper conventions nor do they teach the API correctly. Let me quote from one of his videos: "Let's return false, well, just because we can."
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