im looking for a plugin that would ban or restrict plp if they hacked you

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good idea?

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    here's where i am coming from, i did the silly thing i realise that now i didn't know before. that turning online mode off would open me to hackers. here's what happened. i turned it off then after a while plp got on who had modded their minecraft to be able to hack, and i guess the mod is they can make users caractor do something as if it was me that was typing it. so basically they made them self op, and in the log it shows i did it but i wasn't even at my computer at the time. so obviously they destroyed everything but no biggy because i had backups from the night before.

    so i would like a plug in that would only be accessible from the console for security purposes, so they couldn't check if you have that plug in. and what that plug in does is it has it's own list of who should be op and who shouldn't so if plp hack you and they aren't on the list the command is denied and they are automatically banned and a message appears on their pc like you dumb ...... im protected against plp like you. lol

    anyone willing to code this? i have worked in java before but im no where near as good as developpers here. only thing i want other than the plug in, is the credit where it's due. i don't mind sharing credit with the developper but i don't want him to act like it's all him u know ;)
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    Try NoCheat+, it only allows the console to OP people. Besides the point though, if you leave offline mode off, then people will just use your account to destroy the server.
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    already have nocheat didn't do anything against them
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    Mhhh why not when you join it registers your IP to your name, and if another player join and the IPs dont match the IP that tried to connect will be banned? I call this. I can have it done pretty quick :D
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    well what happened in the log is that the user with his modded minecraft took control of my caractor and made it as it i was typing /op (hisname) so as far as the server is concern it was me telling the server to make him an op. but i didn't do it i was away from my pc at the time. so if there was a plug in that would check who is becoming op based on a whitelist and his name wasnt in there would ban him immediately. and that plug in would only be able to be seen or controlled via the console so a hacker would mostlikely check for that plug in name doesn't see it thinks all is fine and will grief all he wants.......... then surprise dummy u got cought XD
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    Sorryy just read it wrong :) making it atm

    add me on skype at
    with the period

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    cool XD will do :D altho more a teamspeak 3 person but ok
    if u like teamspeak 3 i got my own server at
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    sent you a link to download the plugin in you Personal Message box
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    holy crap that was quick lol
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    can you make plugin public? also why not make server online mode true or add a plugin for /register so they need a passcode like /register <Password> Confirm then /login <PasswordYouUsed>
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    ok so anyone not on that list will be instantly banned as soon as i do /op someone name right?
    ty much no errors so far will be testing it asap.
    ok it works XD i got my self banned lol altho i was on the safety blanket list maybe i spelled it wrong lol... oh wait i did XD perfect plug in works great so far XD now to unban my self :eek: :p
    only issue so far, is i can't even op my self in game and i got the spelling right will keep trying lol
    i think i found my error at the end of my name "TheRealFeenix: i didn't do enter XD silly me lol

    little issue mate: i can't op anyone or i get banned not them, i didn't try from console but i did exactly as u said but it keeps saying im not on the whitelist
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    mhh add me on skype please, id like to fix this
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    i did waiting on ur approval
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    didnt get the request make sure you entered it in the display name and not the real name :p

    and make sure theres a period "thetrixsta." like so

    it can get very annoying

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