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    Well, I love scaring all of my friends with Herobrine. I am switching over to Bukkit, and I know I will miss the iLoveYou Plugin. So, I think that would be a great idea for a plugin.
  2. This plugin is listed here. It is confirmed to be ported.
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    I will get this mod ported soon, I hope. My friend is a programmer, and I offered him $20 to port it. I love this mod, and can't wait any longer. ;)
    If you want any news about the progress of this mod, you can ask.
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    tKelly said it would be ported very soon, but I have not heard anything about it since.
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    Well, the faster it is ported the better. And I would love to see if my friend can port it.
    I remember I scared one of my friends with the herobrine mod and craftbook. I want to go back to being able to scare players.

    Also, I am debating weather or not to get my friend to make it have more features. Ex: control herobrine. We could have normal herobrine mod, and have it in the same herobrine spirit, or we could have new and modified, and more fun. Tell me which one and what you want modded to it. Also, the only reason why my friend is just porting it, is because my server leader wants it that way...

    well, if the original creator of the herobrine mod will make the mod, I would like to be notified of when the mod will be ported asap. I don't want to have to pay my friend $20 if the mod will come out a week later. if anyone can give me a date for when the herobrine mod is going to be ported, post it here

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    Please port Herobrine ASAP!!
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    i'm looking into this mod, i would love to have it in my server.

    the fun value of the mod for people who don't know about it will be funny.
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    I Would Like This Mod Too! It Sounds Awesome And I Love Plugins!
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    any news on the mod? @tkelly has waited to long, someone needs to port it if he isn't going to!
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    Does anybody have a status for this? @tkelly?
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    I'm starting to loose it. I have been waiting for about 2 months. I don't want to beg or complain, but PLEASE get the iLoveYou mod as soon as possible tKelly. Diamonds for you ;)
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    I still would really like to see this...
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    I would actually pay for this mod to be ported, would also be nice if some commands were added so events could be triggered easily.
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    still waiting it seems
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    You know... You could make your server have Online=false, then download MinecraftSP and log into your server as Herobrine...
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    Not nearly as cool as the plugin. And then people could log in as you and mess up the server!
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    I want i love you back!!!
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    lets hope we see it soon
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    MineDev is currently looking into porting this... Does anyone have the old mod?
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    wish i did, try google it, may find it somewhere :D
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    I did, couldnt find it.. Anyways I am going to start working on this, me being @alta189, Im not making any promises though cause this will be my first NPC plugin and they are quite difficult. :p You can follow my progress on twitter @alta189
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