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    Plugin Category : RPG/PVP

    Suggested plugin name: PvPArtifacts

    What I want :

    On factions servers , sometimes you want a reason to attack another faction. Sometimes war seems pointless and everyone just barricades theirselfs inside their bases.
    Having 5 books on the server with different names , trying to use my imagination I'll call them Artifact1 , Artifact2 , Artifact3 , Artifact4 and Artifact5. That will work with the rename system.

    Having the names colored in gold would be a good thing because then they will look fancy and precious.

    Having all theese 5 Artifacts inside your claimed faction area will give you some kind of benefit. Like extra currency daily to the faction account or something that benefits the faction power. Idk , suggestions?

    This will make players wanting to own all the relics.

    There is one problem with this .... What happens if a book is lost forever? Maybe it will just disapear and the server admin will have to summon it with a command again. Or they will return to a special chest that you define?

    The chest could be placed deep inside a huge dangerous dungeon where players can go pick it up again or just at spawn.

    Things maybe getting a bit to advanced now. If you are interesed in taking a look into this , focus first on the base idea : 5 books where the faction that has all 5 in thei territory grants a "perk/benefit".

    Suggested Commands:

    #This will summon the first artifact to the command user (OP - default)

    /PA summon 1

    #This will summon the second artifact to the command user (OP - default)

    /PA summon 2

    #This will summon the third artifact to the command user (OP - default)

    /PA summon 3

    #This will summon the fourth artifact to the command user (OP - default)

    /PA summon 4

    #This will summon the fifth artifact to the command user (OP - default)

    /PA summon 5

    #This command will destroy all books (They will disapear from their owners(Default-OP))

    /PA destroy all

    #This Command will teleport all Artifacts to the user (Default - OP)

    /PA summon all

    #Command that players use to see who got an Artifact.A list of factions owning an artifact will show up.

    /PA list

    #This will reset everything to default

    /PA reset


    PvPArtifacts.summon (gives permission to summon artifacts)

    PvPArtifacts.destroy (gives permission to destroy artifacts)

    PvPArtifacts.List (gives permission to list factions that owns one or more Artifacts)

    PvPArtifacts.Artifact (gives permission to be effected by the artifacts)

    If this doesnt work to hook into factions , maybe it will work to bind them to a player somehow and give the individual player a benefit of some kind.

    Thanks for reading!

    Best Regards - Maxwell23

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    Would be nice to know, if there is something like that, need the request too.

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