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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Zidkon, Dec 9, 2011.

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    As last I have seen, bukkit have a lot of developers actually working and with their own projects. There are so much with the sames categories and with the same uses that as a server owner I'm is hard to decide wich plugin is better for what I need and to know if the developer is updating the plugin and fixing bugs more often.

    Thats why I come here with the idea/request or w/e you want to call it, that bukkit should implement a ranking (by vote of course) system for categories, this way the searching on a good plugin that is very usefull, with a lot of updates, and fixings very often would be easier for server owners.

    I haven't seen anything about this, and this would make some plugins more populars than others, but with certainly a good reason. I'm actually bored of going into plugins that a week later stop updating because the developer could not do anything else, so with this system if a plugin have good votes is because lot of users likes it and knows the developer is improving it very often and won't leave the users after some time.

    I think this way woul make easier the work to know if a plugin gone into a Inactive state so moderators of bukkit doesn't have to go very often checking projects or waiting until users report them :/

    Well is just the idea, I know the system is not easy to make and will still be needing time to implement on the whole system of bukkit, but that would make the system a little more organized and easy for the people who search plugins.

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    Daniel Heppner

    A ranking system, great idea. I do hope this gets implemented. I know that it will cause some issues, and it would obviously have to be moderated, but in the end I think it should help to stop many of the low quality plugins or just make people aware of them.
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    I like this idea. Maybe a like or thumbs up/down button on the projects.
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    I dunno, it feels too much like e-peen contest fodder to me.

    Obviously we should use member numbers instead. MEMBER 43 WUT WUT!
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    They should have used IP.Board solution then. The IP.Download addon includes a ranking, comment system, and ability to limit uploads to specific groups.
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    Well the idea is based on the quantity of BAD plugins that are there, most of them have BukkitDev and they ar so much that I bet moderators cannot count or check wich ones are outdated or not working :/.

    And so is better to developers who really care about their plugins, as most of them ask donations they could get more popularity and get more people to help them out, well not only this, ofc a plugin that is more popular should be because is a GREAT plugin and so the developers of it, this can make easier for some server Owners the thing of searching dedicated developers/plugins :/ not outdated ones.
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    Something like the ticket vote system?
    Users can already vote for developers for their reaction. Ranking goes from -2 to +2. However, you can't see the total votes on the main page.
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