iConomy Shared Bank Accounts

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    Bank Accounts:

    • Players would be able to open a shared account between each other.
    • The owner of the account would be the one who take full responsibility of the account they have opened and the people they share it with.
    • Command may be /account open <accountname> @ <players with whom they will share the account with>
    • Other commands would be:
    • /account desposit <currency amount> where the currency amount they would deposit is taken directly from their account.
    • Alternatively, /account withdraw <currency amount>
    • /account close <accountname> After completing this command, maybe there could be an "Are you sure you want to delete this account?" type message?
    • The money inside the account can not be used to buy something (if using iConomy) but rather just a safe place to store shared money. If a player would like to pay for something, they would have to use the withdraw command, then /money pay
    • The only person that can take the responsibility for closing the account is the account admin (the person who opened the account).
    Just a thought. Several players on our server share their items and money and would like an easier way to group money together. It could also be a way for players to make money off of the bank idea, if in an RPG type server, they can be Banker for the area.
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    Yes, this would be a very nice plugin, we started an "imaginary" bank system on our server, but it would be
    nice if would be easier to do this.

    maybe also /account password [youraccount] [password]
    and if so then /account withdraw [amount] [password]
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    I would gladly try making this :)
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    I plan to release my plugin tomorrow :)
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    how about just make a working iconomy. That would do wonders for my server
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    Taking a bit more time, caused by the command update
    I don't think we need more economics plugins.
    --- merged: Mar 4, 2011 10:59 PM ---
    BankAccount is now out!

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