iConomy plugin hack/glitch

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xdeathoreox, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Before you lock this, read the next sentence.

    There is a user on a server I moderate that has a great deal of money, in one day, his balance can go from 10k to 40k. He owns a couple of chest shops but he doesn't get much money from those since most of the users on the server never go over 1k in money. His faction has 20k in the bank and at the moment he has 31k. This morning, he had 18 or 20k. Now with the way the server is set up, the max amount you could make in a day is maybe 1 to 6k in 1 full day ( 24 hours )

    I need to know if there is ANY way it is possible to give yourself money without the permission nods to do so.

    PS: His chest shops don't sell anything expensive either, if you bought everything, you would maybe spend 3k.
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    check your perms like /eco and everything with iconomy
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    Sounds like your player may be duping with a critical exploit patched in R4.0
    Update and see if his money supply stays constant ;)
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    Same at craftbukkit 1.3.1 newest version.
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    Moved to the appropriate forum.
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