iConomy 6 (Celtic) API?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 991jo, Nov 11, 2011.

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    is there also a API for iConomy 6? i found the iConomy 5 API, but is it still working on iConomy 6??
    are there any tutorials or stuff like that??
    I hope you will answer me fast...

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    Use Register
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    @991jo Or Vault, I personally find Vault a lot easier to use.
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    thank you all, Vault should work, and so i will make my plugin compitable with the other economy-systems.
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    @iffa - blech.

    @991jo - if you need help with Vault integration let me know, I'm always willing to help prospective devs utilize the API or improve it.
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    Thanks Sleaker, if something isn't working i will get on your nervs ;)
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    I got a mad problem and it´s freaking me out.
    I tried to connect my plugin to iconomy 6 but there is always a creepy red line under some words or I get a null poit error.
    Could you place tell me what I have to add in my plugin, I am trying it for 4 hours and read @github and javadocs but I can´t find my mistake.
    I just want to add some money to a user.
    I think I have to use
    depositPlayer(java.lang.String playerName, double amount)
    but I dont get it.

    best regards Phibedy
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    iCo6 will not work in the next update I highly suggest using Vault directly instead of attempting to hook an outdated/non-updated plugin.
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    Vault won´t support ICon6 after the next update?
    How I hook into Vault for ICon? Use Vault istead Icon? I don´t get it. Maybe because I am programming for 16 hours, but whatever.

    Still don´t know what I have to copy from github in my code.

    RegisteredServiceProvider -> cant be resolved as a type
    log. -> can´t be resolved
    Level. -> import java.util.logging net.milkbowl.vault.economy.EconomyResponse.depositPlayer(); ->The method depositPlayer() is undefined for the type EconomyResponse

    best regards Phibedy

    It would be great if you could have a look at this:

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