"Ice World" Using Nether

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    I have no idea what I am doing with world generation / java / plugins but I'm hoping to learn eventually.

    Would it be possible / could someone create a world generation plugin that uses the same code as the nether, only, instead of:

    Lava, use water
    Soul Sand / Gravel, use snow blocks
    Netherrack, use Ice

    Basically, the idea is to create a giant ice cavern. I was playing around in the nether using replace commands (from worldedit) and saw how amazing this looked and thought it would be neat to have a world full of it.
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    Why has this not been done ?
    I love this idea please someone pick this up will definetly be another world added to my server!
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    Well it would be sooo simple to do as a mod but i aint yet taken a look at the wgen api.
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    To further this, when 1.9 comes out, replace the nether stone / stairs with stone brick and stone stairs. Glowstone stays because it adds an ominous look to the entire cavern. Nether fence gets replaced with normal fence.

    To my ears and like you said, it sounds extremely simple. I just hope someone will do it.
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    Erm - not easy to do but I will take a look at it considering I already have a nether gen
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    As expected condemane_B to develop another wgen plugin. :D
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    Hrm. I'll be thinking about this in the future, when i'm better at plugin developing... I don't expect to beat codename_B to this xD
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    I'm VERY excited for this addon. Was just about to gen a seperate regular world for an arcane sanctum, but this sounds amazing.
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    Hrm... You could also just replace most of the blocks in the nether, right? If i was magic that's how i'd do it.

    My thoughts on what it would look like (so far):
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    - top layer of lava springs -> ice
    - all other lava springs -> water spring
    - active lava -> active water
    - netherstone - > cobblestone (?)
    - glowstone - stays
    - top layer of soul sand -> snow layer
    - then second layer down -> grass​
    - then everything else -> dirt​
    - Netherstone
    brick -> stone bricks​
    stairs -> stone brick stairs​
    [otherstuff] -> [equivalent stone brick things]​

    The main problem i see is the light level...
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    Good point on the light level.
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    when will it be done

    also any other dimension plugins that i can use
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    Sir Savary

    I'm working on this right now, almost done an early version.
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    I've been watching this thread like a hawk, and I'm more than willing to test things out. :)

    I know this is a different subject entirely as far as the grand scheme of things is concerned, but how hard would it be to make a plugin that uses the standard world generation features, EXCEPT you can configure what blocks generate in place of other blocks?

    This Ice World idea is a perfect example. Say it uses a text file for it. If would look at the text file and generate a nether world. EXCEPT where it would generate block X in the world, it generates block Y instead.

    Thus, you get a text file with a "world generation plugin name" similar to the banana plugins, or "skyworld", "nether", and "normal", that would look something like this:

    Name: iceworldgen //the name of the generator to call when you make the world
    Generator: nether //the generator that this world will use
    87 = 79 //generates ice in place of netherrack
    13 = 80 //generates snow in place of gravel
    To use the plugin, you call whatever world generation command you have, use one of the generators in the config file as a generator name, and then away it goes creating your custom world.

    /world create world_iceworld iceworldgen
    I know this kind of changes the scope of the project, but it makes the entire thing somewhat modular and able to be used to create just about anything.
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    hrm... that might not be too hard, especially if that text file reading has already been done with a worldgen plugin.
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    I honestly have no idea how the world generation works, so I could be spouting crazies. But, from my programming knowledge, it should be as simple as a list of variables in the beginning of the code that is referenced any place a block would be generated. Basically a "block lookup list" that is looked at whenever it generated something. The list of variables would change out per generator, since each one would obviously have different blocks replacing things.
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    Resurrecting this hoping that someone has some news or someone will pick up the project.

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