Plugin Request Ice Mine Bomb - Destroy, collect.

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by CatzFuriousSpeed, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Bump :/ Thanks Iggy
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    I might take a look at this.
  3. Thanks! :)
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    How is the area defined? Where they can use it to explode?
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    From what I understand, he wants a bomb to be thrown a few blocks when you press q, and have it explode probably a few seconds after it was thrown. They can use it where the flag is enabled.
  7. Okay thanks! :) yes I would like it to explode and have a spherical shape when it explodes but for the blocks to go in the players inventory and to replace the air blocks, above the explosion with ice, then slowly decay

    Exactly what MnMaxon said
    Also guys I was wondering if you could explain how I would add it to an essential kit

    Update on commands: I realised that I made a mistake I would like for the command to be:
    /Bomb give (Bombname) (Player)

    I dont think @20zinnm Is doing it hes been offline a lot lately, hasnt responded once so much appreciated if @MnMaxon or @Trevor1134 Could do it :)

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    I'll start it. If anyone else started this, tell me and I'll stop. I'll tell you how to do the kits when the plugin is done.
  9. Okay thank you :)

    @MnMaxon Make the plugin for 1_8_R1 thats the version im running on.

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    Looks like you finally found a person to do it. Persistence pays off
  11. Seems so.
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  14. Thanks :)
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  16. Thanks man! :) Works awesomely. I have a bug and a little addon:

    Bug: I cant throw the bomb when im standing on top of the reigon would you please find a way around this? I dont want the sphere to shape around the player but I want the bomb to be under there feet when they throw it :) Thanks!

    Little feature: Could you add a little language file for the text?
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    I'll do this. It might get done tonight, but it will probably get done tomorrow, I'm a little confused on the bug. So do you want me to remove the region check on the player, and only leave the region check on the bomb/explosion?
  18. No no not what I ment at all. So whats basically happening is when im standing on a block on top of the reigon the player is unable to throw the bomb, also could you make it so everytime they throw the bomb the ice is under the players feet not around them thanks! :)
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    Ok, so you don't want them to actually be able to throw the bomb? Just drop it?

    EDIT: Ok, I think I figured out what you mean. You want the bomb to still be thrown, but you want the top of the explosion to be where the bomb lands, instead of the center being where the bomb lands?

    So this is what you want?
    (I'm one block above the region at the beginning of the video)
    If it is, here:

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  20. @MnMaxon Hey man I just realised a small feature I forgot to ask about does the ores automatically get smelted? If not could you add this?
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    @CatzFuriousSpeed I'm working on another plugin right now, I'll add that when I have more time.
  22. @MnMaxon Not to be impatient or anything. Just wondering if its done or not?
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