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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by VirusKid, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Hello everyone!

    I would wanna to ask, is it possible to make so, if a faction member places for an example 3 tnt, then the faction admin,mods will see who placed them? Like if they are logged in, they will get alert message like this :"Alert FactionBlockPlace please read it using command /fbp read" and if a offline moderator/admin of the faction will login, then he will get the same message every 5 minutes until they won't read it with typing a command like /fbp read and after they type the command, they will get a message "(Player) has been placed (Block_Name[x3])" and if even a one faction moderator or admin will have readen it, then there in end of the message will be "[Readen]"
    Also, it will can be turned off or on with commands "/fbp alert-on" and "/fbp alert-off"

    As I would wanna to make a plugin, which will tell the faction moderators,admins if any of their members will put/uses tnt,obisidian and etc (The items which will cause an message can be configured) and i'm pretty newbie at plugin developing, so I would need a help with this.

    If someone would can help me in the coding that will be really appreciated as I can't find out myself how to do that.

    I won't tell whole idea of my plugin and other stuff, as I don't wanna that someone steals my first plugin idea and as I need help only with that one thing.

    With best regards, VirusKid!
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    Well, to start with, you're going to want to listen for the BlockPlaceEvent.
    Check if the item being placed is TNT, then if it is, get the faction of the player who placed it (however you handle factions), and try just broadcasting a message saying the name of the faction that just placed the TNT.

    If you get that working, that'd be a start.
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    Yeah but that's problem how to broadcast the message for faction admin/moderators as about what and who placed. Do you know how to do it? I only know how to broadcast if someone put any block, but not how to send message to admin/moderators about who sent it.
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