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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zipron, Apr 29, 2012.

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    As title says, I want to make a quick complaint:
    how many people posting something in the "help" section did actually read the wiki of a certain plugin, researched guides to help them? idk, but I see the same topic titles over and over again in the help section, are people too lazy? And if they are, how can they host a proper bukkit server?

    I don't mind helping people on the help forum, it is a way of searching a solution for a problem you have, good. But there are so many people just "ok, didn't work drag'n'drop this plugin in the folder, plz fix for admin on my server!"

    what is your opinion guys?
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    I agree, but I have found myself guilty of this before. Mainly because I couldn't find anything with the tags I used.
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    Take a look at the port forwarding issues. No way you don't find anything if you enter "port forwarding" on the forum search...
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    I'm not defending those that choose not to search, but since there's no collection/knowledge-base of common issues, it can be difficult to wade through hundreds of posts, that may or may not be relevant based on keywords. Try searching for LogBlock, WorldGuard, or Dynmap problems and you'll see what I mean.
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    Handle those help posts with links to the relevant documentation. Often people get so worked up because something isn't working right, that they forget to do the simple things like Google, or read the wiki. As well, if you scream "Help!" and someone turns around and gives you help, why bother reading or learning on your own? You can keep asking and keep getting a response.

    I wrote up the troubleshooting tips post, and make sure the wiki is accurate so I do not have to repeat myself again and again. Link to them, and if you feel they need improvement, work to improving them. The energy you spend doing that will be far better spent than answering the same question a hundred times for a hundred different users. On top of that, you can then spend your effort to help those who have an issue that is new, or undocumented.
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    totally agree, that's what I tried to do with the little guides I wrote =)
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    Nathan C

    Another thing you have to realize is that these people starting threads with titles like "FIX PLZ HELP!!!!!!" are probably around 9-12 years old.
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    Well said.
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    And then you try to help and they don't understand..
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    That's when you stick to pointing out the Wiki and other tutorials. If they don't understand then they need to read it again, and possibly over and over until they do understand.

    I'm also far more willing to help someone when they show they've put in a great deal of effort to get it running.

    Age is no excuse for not taking the time to learn or read the instructions. I'll give them a little slack as they don't have years of experience, but not much.
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    Agree there. Sometimes though people don't even try to read things, they just expect people to do it for them. Then again, school practically teaches them that..
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    I agree. If I find that this problem is too easily solved, I just usually post a lmgtfy.com link.
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    Sooner or later life will kick them in the nuts, or they'll live a mediocre life as they have never been pushed outside of their comfort zone. Teach a man to fish and all that.

    I first learned I was good with computers when I broke my parents brand new one, and there was a race against the clock to fix it before they got home. This was before the internet was available (in my house at least, dial-up wasn't even available in our area) so all I had was my brain and the fear of what my parents would do to me.
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    What happened :O.
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    First time, I found the BIOS and changed something.

    Second time I up and deleted Netscape Navigator (not uninstalled - deleted the folder). Back in those days, it launched via the autoexec.bat file (I think, I may be wrong about the exact file). The computer booted, but always gave errors in the startup. The error was rather clear actually, but being I had no idea what I was doing at the time, it was horribly scary. I found the file and removed the entries pointing to the deleted location. All was well again.
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    /me facepalms himself.
    Why would you delete something on a computer if you don't know what it is? :)
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    He lives life on the edge.
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    I knew I didn't need it (Internet Explorer 3 for the win). This was before I discovered add/remove. I was a n00b, what can I say. I managed to fix it, that's what counts.
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    Ew... IE 3? :p
    Mozilla Firefox is what you need.
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    Minecraft is a game of mostly children. Like Gmod when it first came out, servers of all kinds were everywhere. Minecraft will probably never die but you just have to deal with the impatience of developing children. I do realize however, most kids take the responsibility of apologizing for their 'noobyness' but most just spam the thread as if it was their Facebook's and twitters. Just stay patient, stay clam, and relax. And trust me, you don't want everyone (not just kids) learning how to program. Anti-TnT plugins galore.
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    Anti-TnT plugins? How about gamemode switchers? They seem to be the latest trend.
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    Chrome > Firefox > IE
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    Ahh the dial-up days, most annoying sound ever. *Flashback*
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    Maxthon > chrome (check it out, most popular browser in china, it has the best html5 support and is just a combination of all good stuff of chrome, moz and IE (if that last one has good stuff) + it's as fast as chrome (maybe faster)

    I just think it's not a good idea to let children run a server.. However, if you're really interested, you can find out those things even at the age of 10, without having someone to help you (read "help" as; HELP SERVER DOWN! FIX PLZ 4 FREE ADMIN)
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    I thought that was Hunger Games plugins :) Still, at least the complexity's going up...
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    Chrome is for those who wish to make the internet as easy as possible, and that's not a problem. I just prefer Firefox.
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    Agreed, plus i don't get annoying ad's on YouTube
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    This was back in the mid 90's, you had two choices, IE or Netscape.
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    heaven forbid i stop running a server and take people up on these offers, nothing like having world edit at your fingertips to cause ruination
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    I think everybody has a strong point in everything, the same goes in the opposite fashion. I for one am good @ configuring the server rules and economy, as well as creating mob arenas and setting up classes and waves. But when an error occurs the best I try is to update the plugin and if that dose not succeed I turn to the help forum. However when my Head admin couldn't figure out what to do when i asked him to set prices in the shop I asked him to look into some Bukkit errors. He turned out to fancy the Bukkit language. So I run the server Eco and build player arenas, but he installed plugins. Neither one of us can do the others job. So im going to end this with a statement. ROme wasent built in a day. It was not built by one man either.:p And I thank the people who decide to share their time to help those of us who cant figure it out. Not sit there and complain like you have better things to do.:cool:
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