i search the plugin myplot pls help mee !!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xx_erik_x, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Please listen. Yes, Minecraft TOS may say that, but in order to post your plugin HERE you needs to comply with BUKKIT's Terms of Service. Bukkit doesn't care what you do with your plugin as long as you don't post it here.
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    Well then why was he told he could get in trouble for doing this. (Not a question)
    Because if the plugin is private it would never be posted here.
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    Is this ready yet? If it is I would love to get a little more info about this. Please start a convorsation on Bukkit with me if it is ready for sale. Thanks :)
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    I'm pretty sure they track all pm's, if someones caught breaking the ToS, they could be banned, even in a pm.
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    HaxtorMoogle could get in trouble for because he was advertising here that he was selling it. (Not a question either)
    Your correct, it wasn't posted here, but if it was and you had to pay for it, it would be removed because it doesn't comply with Bukkits TOS.
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    Sorry to bump an old post, but you guys should know.

    Actually, now it's illegal for HaxtorMoogle to sell his plugin. don'tsellplugins.PNG
    From the Minecraft website itself.

    It's also just kind of dickish. Honestly, is plugin is the best out there for what it does, but I'm not going to pay someone for a server plugin that costs more than the game itself.
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    And yet, to this day, he goes on selling it :p
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    So given this scenario:
    - Developer Makes plugin
    - Developer Keeps plugin private
    - Developer launches site to sell plugin
    - Developer makes money through selling the plugin

    That is against the rules? If so, I know a lot of developers that could be banned. That's probably why your not seeing to many on this thread XD

    Question 2: Can we launch a site that holds VIP upgrades and or updates of same plugin?
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    it might be agianst "bukkit rules"
    but he owes the copyrights since he created the plugin so he can do whatever he wants :\
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    Not exactly, he made the plugin using Bukkit therefore it is sub property of Bukkit. If he sells his work it may violate the rules and get him and his plugin banned. Unfortunately this cannot stop him from selling it. I'm still trying to figure this out myself.
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    isnt plugins made thru java ?
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    Well according to the Minecraft website, it is going against "Minecraft rules"
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    Yes, this is now better than myPlot and it's free, and now has even more features. I'm using it as we speak, and it's even better than myPlot seemed to be the one time I used it.
    See what I found out a few months ago:
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    Of course it's illegal to sell a plugin from Bukkit. I was asking for the future when the API comes out when mods will equal plugins. What's not illegal is to hire the developer to make the plugins. You can report him or you can just let it go. Choice is yours.
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    I'm guessing it'll be the same for the new mod API, if that's what you're asking.

    But yes, I don't think it's illegal to hire someone to do something for you, it's just illegal to distribute anything related to Minecraft for financial gain, be it a mod, plugin, texture pack, or what have you.
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    It's very very complicated. Notch and Jeb do approve of modding so therefor it could allow it to happen. What I'm saying is that if Minecraft doesn't have a legally published copyright claim then different fields would come into play. It all so very, very nasty. I'm sure though marketing a plugin/mod for own financial gain is illegal unless approved.
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