i search the plugin myplot pls help mee !!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xx_erik_x, Sep 18, 2011.

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    i search the plugin my plot i saw it on a other server can anyone help me ??

  2. What??? :S
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    I think he's asking for help with a plugin named "MyPlot"
    Please, ask this on MyPlot's thread, not in Plugin Development.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Is this guy trolling? He would be banned on my forums.
    This is a perfect example of the decreasing post quality on here.
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    that plugin ist just for my server..
    do you remember "buildcraft"? :p

    this is unpublic, dude.
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    MyPlot is currently in a hard core testing phase at the moment. Running only on Mau5ville.com
    I'm pushing hard to get it ready for sale this Sunday (11/27) depending on how much turkey I eat :D It will most likely be "name your own price"

    I started setting up a website for it. www.mooglemods.com
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    Not sure if your joking or not. I hope you are joking.

    Selling your plugin for profit is against the bukkit TOS. Instead you can put a donate button on your DBO project. Or wait for the reward points program.
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    Ive been on that server a few times and i like the idea alot but if your gonna actually sell it for money no way im using it.It is against the bukkit TOS like what @Butkicker12 said
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    Is it really? I know that it states that 'selling of product or services' is not allowed, but a lot of well known developers will often code plugins for a set amount (if a server wants it to be private).

    I'm really not sure if the rule applies here or not, but if it does, then there have been A LOT of violations (one by me, to boot)
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    Your not allowed to sell it as a product (having to buy it from the developer to use it). Paying someone to make a plugin for you is a different story.
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    Moved to help forum.
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    No it's not.
  14. The copyright of a piece of software is with the creator.
    The GPL (which Bukkit violates more often than it keeps, btw) does not restrict licensing of plug-ins.
    Plug-ins are, at most, a derivative work and as such the creator enjoys separate copyright protection.

    They can, however, restrict your ability to advertise on the bukkit forums etc :)
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    Ive been on Mau5ville.com and noticed they are using this plugin. Im hoping to have plugin like this for my own server. When would this be available?
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    What about MCBans then?
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    Who would buy plugins :p?
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    Also Legendary Create (LegendaryCraft's FreeBuild Server) also has this plugin.

    Um also the Minecraft TOS says different... (I don't know if this has a say but I thought it may help)

    Click here to view the page that quote is from.
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    Wait so can u get the plugin or not?
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    Yea, i would like a copy too
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    Any updates on this plugin? I REALLY need it too.
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    Nathan C

    There seems to be tons of other FREE ones that can do the same thing.

    Can someone explain to me what is so special about this plugin?
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    You could include the names of other plugins to help support your point and most likely solve this topic
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    I have another plugin like it, but its in its early stages of development and requires two plugins to operate properly. It still doesnt even have all the features that the myplot plugin contains. If you want to recieve a copy of myplot, you most probably need to be friends with the developer, or offer him something to obtain it. He doesnt have to release it to te public. Lots of people make plugins privately and do not release them. Its entirely the developers decision. Plus, there are no other plugins like it, so maybe try running a different type of server, or become besties with the developer.
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    Message me on the forums and I can get you in contact with the myplot developer.
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    Nathan C

    Holy cow!@ That sounds pretty good.
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    Ive seen this plugin around, but i have my own made by my developer i think mine has alot more features and easy to use drop by my server and see.
    IP: server.kustomcraft.net
    then log in do /freebuild and look on how to claim plot
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    I would be very interested in this plugin to use on my Creative world. Does it come with mutiworld support?
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    Here's a good one I found: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chunkown/
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