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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by krazykraft, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Hello I want someone to create a plugin for me that prevents people from giving spawned in blocks using /I , like they can still place it however they cannot drop them out of there inventory, they can also still put them in chest and all the other things, it only limits them to not being able to drop them out of there iventory

    I would also like it to put a lore on the blocks they spawn in using /I with the lore of ( &aSpawned In)
    -maybe let the lore be customizable in the config if this is not to hard?

    I do not need different lores for different blocks or things just everything has 1 same lore

    Thank you for listening im sorry if there is a plugin on this I have never been able to find one

    thank you for your time.
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    So..... You want items with a certain lore to not drop, and a command that can apply said lore?
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    im not really sure what u mean by said lore,

    but yes I want items spawned in using /I to not be able to drop, and only the person who spawned them in can take/ put them in chest and etc and when they spawn in any item using /I it puts a lore on it which would be &aSpawned In

    I would also like there to be permissions involved with this maybe like these
    iprotection.use - makes the protection active for this group so it would put the lores on the items etc if they have this permissions
    iprotection.bypass - bypasses the protection so it doesn't put the lore or anything and /I is normal
    iprotection.reload - simply reloads the plugin

    would this be too difficult?
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    can anyone create this?
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