I pay (PayPal) for a Hardcore Mode plugin.

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    I would like to create a server with a full Hardcore Mode. My idea is that anyone who dies, he gets banned for a week. Hunger also kills a player. That's all what I want to have in plugin. It should cooperate with ban plugin like Kiwi Admin or Advanced Bans ('cause I want to have a www including connection with MySql base where are banned people.
    Everyone will be able to unban himself. They will just have to use a code on www. System will automaticly unbann him using MySql. If someone creates a full website script, I will pay more.

    I'm willing to pay a few dollars for the plugin. Amount to agree. I prefer PayPal.
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    I think me and my friend will be able to do that. Please be clearer about MySql, though.
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    I wanna use e.g. Advanced Bans, because it uses MySQL. If someone dies, He will be auto-banned by plugin for a week. If he still wants to play, He will have to buy code via SMS. After that, he should use this code on website. Script verifies that the code is correct (load a list of codes (.txt)) and If it's correct, User will give username and then he gets unban. (e.g. delete user from bans' database) After that script should remove this code as used and nobody should be able to use it second time.
    It's my point of view, but If you have a better idea, you can explain this and maybe yours will be good. ;-)

    How much money do you want for this job? Send me private message with the answer.

    Is there anyone else interessted in this job?

    Sorry for double post, but I want to refresh the topic.

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    Is it okay if we make our own plugin and not use Advanced Ban? I think we can be able to incorporate MySQL. We'll start with the basic ban-for-a-week plugin, and if you like it, we will add MySQL support. Also, we probably can make it randomly generate codes (and add them to the list of codes) then display them in the browser. I'm sorry for the uncertainty about the plugin, I'll try to clear up what we can and can't do.
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    If I understand you, you will create my own list of codes. I have codes that are used by my SMS-paying system. I have those codes in my txt file. Someone sends a SMS. Then he gets a code from my SMS system. He can use it on website for unbanning. SYstem checks a code and search similar in .txt file. If this code is correct, then user can give his username and system will unbann him. This is what I mean. I just need plugin that will cooperate with the script on website.
    Sorry for my English. Studies teach anything other than communication in everyday life.
    Returning to the ban plugin.. I used Advanced Ban just for example. If you have a better idea and you can create better ban plugin (with permissions) that will work with Hardcore plugin, I will take it! ;-)

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