i need it please :(

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by shoomte-sa, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Can you make a plugin that i choose an area and if Someone break a block on the area it gets back again after a time that i set on the config
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    Spend a few minutes to learn some grammar and then search the plugins on BukkitDev.
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    now good and i'm sorry for my English
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    I don't see no problem it looks english to me
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    Looks like you two both went to the same school!
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    You're being a total jack ass :(
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    Jeesh man take quit guzzling down the Haterade. They're either foreign or children, and don't deserve bashing by some random asshole. Just chill man.

    Don't take it personally. Some people online, just like to ruin people's days. I am apologizing for him when I say that I'm sorry xD I would hate to see you leave the forums forever because of this douche haha.

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    When their posts are incoherent it is difficult at best to translate what they wrote...
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    Dude that is really dickish he doesn't speak English perfectly just like you can't speak a new language fluently grow up!
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    I don't know why you guys are defending this. When 90% of these "doesn't speak English perfectly" people post here they are actually teenage kids who know better but instead write in shorthand to the point where it is illegible.

    It isn't "dickish," it's the real world. Grow up.
  11. HyperFuseMC skore87 Xerfox your posts are off topic to this thread.. Please post something on topic instead of flaming each other, you guys are just making other people on the internet laugh at you guys.

    ON TOPIC: Just use WORLDGUARD protection, its kinda similar, but it doesn't regen the block the players break but it prevents them from breaking the block.
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    You're off-topic too.
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    i was mean when after the block break after 15 min it's will get back
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    Locked since this thread descended to a flame war.
    shoomte-sa You are free to repost this thread, but please try to include more details so people know what you want exactly.

    skore87 Do not flame people. If you dont understand what someone else wrote, just ask them to rephrase their question. Calling names because said user may or may not know how to write in fluent english, however, is not acceptable.
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