I Need Help with the 'getOnlinePlayers()' Variable from Bukkit

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DibDibs, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Hiya, I've recently started project called "ServerHeal", it is going to be a lightweight healing plugin but I'm stuck on a string of code!
            else if(commandLabel.equalsIgnoreCase("HealAll")|| commandLabel.equalsIgnoreCase("HA"));
                if(args.length == 0){
                    Player targetPlayer = Server.getOnlinePlayers();
                    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You Have Been Healed by" + player);
    I am trying to get it so that when you say "HealAll" or "HA", it will restore all online players' health to 20!

    The full code is here @ pastebin

    PS: I know the plugin isn't named 'ServerHeal' and I know how to change that so please don't comment on that ;)
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    DibDibs Create an enhanced for loop that iterates through the online players and set their health to 20.
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    What's this?
    Server to be exact.
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    "Server" doesn't exist. Did you just copy and paste this code from somewhere? It should be getServer().getOnlinePlayers() or Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers().

    Also, don't add enable/disable messages, that functionality is built into Bukkit.
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    DibDibs Just looked at your code. Stop watching TheBCBroz, there is so much wrong with it.
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    for(Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers())
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    Don't use commandLabel. Use cmd.getName().
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    Is there, thanks, I was watching them for all of that code I did! Thanks for the heads up :)

    What do you mean by that?

    Sorry, I'm new to Java :/

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    DibDibs I suggest you learn Java to a higher extent before starting with Bukkit or else nothing will make sense.
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    Skionz Some stuff makes sense to me like variables etc. because I know other coding languages like Python & HTML
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    A for-loop is pretty basic. Therefor learning some basic java could help you in the future.
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    DibDibs an Enhanced for loop well, i'll take a shot at trying to explain it:
    Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers is an array

    (a collection of objects, for example if i did : String[] test; id be making an array of strings, the square brackets delcar that imma be making an array. if i did test[1] = "hi"; id be saying the SECOND(Computers like to start counting at zero) String in this array is hi. Than i could do system.out.println(test[1]); and itd print out hi)

    As i was saying, Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers() is an array of players who are online.
    what an enhanced for loop does is it goes through a collection(In this case an array), and assigns it a variable.

    Heres a demo:
    1. for(Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers())
    2. p.sendMessage("hi");
    4. //this will send every online player the message "hi"
    5. //sorry if i dis the caps wrong. just doing this off what i remember :L

    the first part (BEFORE the ":") is the variable in which you will temporarly store the players in the array.
    the second part(AFTER the ":") is the collection you will be getting the players from.

    When using an enhanced for loop it does not DELETE what is in the array, it simply gets what is in the collection.

    If that made any sense at all ._.

    If you need further clarification on the terms: "array" and "enhanced for loop" google it :I
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