I need help with Server Signs ;(

Discussion in 'General Help' started by MTJ004, Jan 31, 2017.

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    In the description from Server Sign is:
    Main Features:
    • No limit: Unlimited commands per ServerSign
    • Multi-role: Assign a variety of actions whenever a sign is clicked (even define different commands for right/left clicks)
      • Messages: Send messages to the player
      • Broadcasts: Send messages to the whole server
      • Player commands: Executes commands as if the player typed it in chat
      • Server commands: Executes commands as if it was executed from the server console
    • Delayed actions: Any action can be delayed (from seconds to months)
    • Looped actions: Any ServerSign can be converted to loop server commands with defined intervals
    • Require permissions: ServerSigns can be set up to require permissions to use
    • Grant permissions: Grants players temporar
    • and so on...

    And the point Server Commands: Executes.... want i use to execute commands that the players don't may!
    But i can't find any description in the wiki ... to do that.
    Can you please answer me what i must do , to use this function?!?
    Thanks :D
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    Is this a plugin request?

    You can always use a plugin to achieve this.
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    I could help but you grammar is throwing me off, can you reword it so i can get a better understanding!
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