I need help REALLY BAD.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Prime_Jetspace, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Okay, so I need to make a working server. I have one, sorta.
    I am on a Mac.
    I use Virgin Mobile Mifi2200.
    In order to find out the IP that connects me to my Bukkit server, I roll over the Network section and click "Open Network Preferences". It shows me my internal IP that always starts with 192.168.
    The IP changes sometimes.
    When I type in my Wireless Router's IP, it takes me to the site where it just tells me basic information. There is a small field box with "Login" next to it. I type in my password in that and press Enter. It logs me in. I roll over "Advanced" and it lists a bunch of options. Among those, is "Port Forwarding". I click it.
    I know nothing about what it's doing, so I'll just describe it.
    There is a box that says "Port Forwarding Applications". There are nine fields on the right side of the box, with check marks with names of some sort (I think) on the left. They are:
    *DNS (Domain Name Server)
    *FTP Server
    *HTTP (Web) Server
    *NNTP Server
    *POP3 Server
    *SMTP Server
    *SNMP Server
    *Telnet Server
    *TFTP Server
    I didn't know what to make of it, and I was told I needed to port forward to get my server to work, so I just typed the working IP for my Server as of that time in all the fields, and checked all the boxes. I press Apply. It said in order to save, my WiFi had to restart, so I press OK and it sat there with a bar that would fill up quickly and repeat over and over until I got to this page where I had to do some stuff, and all I remember of it is that it suggested I change the password, which I didn't. Don't ask me to do it again, whenever I repeat the process all this after the bar that fills up and repeats isn't there.
    I go into folder "Bukkit Server" and double-click LaunchServer.command. It launches, and I wait until it says "Done". I go into Minecraft, click Multiplayer, click Direct Connect and type in the current working IP.
    I log into the Server, and everything goes fine.
    Now, last night, I asked my friend to try it. I told him the current working IP, which was The IP I had typed in the Port Forwarding fields was It didn't work, but I assumed it was because he was using Cracked. Today, he got the Full version of Minecraft, and I told him the current working IP, which was It gave him the "Connection timed out" error, and I port forwarded again. He tried again, and it didn't work. Checked the IP, and it had changed to again, so I port forwarded for that, and then he tried. Same "Timed out" error. But it would work for me.

    Please, I really need to get this to work, I have been longing for ages to have a Server where I can play with my friends (And prank them with MobDisguise). Can someone tell me what I have to do? I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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    You need to give your mates the external ip.. Not internal
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    Oh yeah... he's in Indonesia...
    That's the one you can find at those sites that tell you your IP, right?

    EDIT: Now every time I try to log in, even with localhost, it says "End of Stream" instantly.
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    Sorry chief, didnt catch that. How about you put that in non smartass language, seeing as though your the one asking for help. Not me


    Go to system settings, then network, then it says internal ip there.

    Use that to then port forward..

    Give your mate the EXTERNAL ip, not the internal.

    You connect from internal, everyone else, external, understand that?
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    Okay, first of all, I wasn't being a smartass, I was talking like I always normally do. You're the one who should stop being a smartass.

    Also, HOW exactly do I port forward? Did you read the whole thread? I don't know ANYTHING about port forwarding.
    The way I learn my internal IP is that I roll over the internet settings, click "Open Network Preferences" and I see the IP, which changes periodically.
    And I don't know how I get the External, EVERY single sentence in my post was serious, and the "headdesk" part was because I didn't remember that external IP applies to people far away.

    Whenever my friend tries to connect with the "External" IP, he gets the Connection Failed error. I got the IP I'm giving him at: http://www.whatsmyip.org/
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    Sorry for my intention of you being a smartass, i didn't pick up that you speak like that, sorry.

    To portforward:

    Get your internal IP.

    Go to your modem settings and find "port forward"

    Put the "Internal" IP in there (under the IP setting).

    then the port. 25565.

    The save. Give your mate the External IP. the on from http://whatsmyip.org/

    And start the server and you join from either: localhost or Internal IP

    as for the Internal IP changing, that's because either

    Case 1: Your computer is turned off.

    Case 2: Your modem is turned off.

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    No problem, :p
    But the problem is... there's a BUNCH of fields, and I don't know which to put the IP in, and they all have names with check boxes next to them (Which are listed in the original post).
    I don't know which to put it in. Also, I think that... (Read below)

    Neither is turned off, but (Continue here) whenever I try the port forwarding method, it says it has to restart my WiFi Hotspot (wireless modem).
    My primary question now is, which one of those options in the list of fields in my original post is the right type to port forward for my Minecraft server?
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    Take a screenie of the screen please.
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    Ahh you'll need to add an application. try find that
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    What kind of application? :confused:
    You mean like the kind that port forwards automatically?
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    There should be "create an application" somewhere on that page
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    That's all there is in the drop-down lists. The other 3 buttons don't have drop-down lists.
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    No clue
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    Click Here for a program that automatically portforwards Search google for tuts, if you do this and it doesn't work try disabling your firewall.

    Make sure you choose your Firmware/Model correctly.

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    The reason your IP keeps changing may be because you have a dynamic IP which means it will change every time you turn off the system. I am not sure how you could make it a static IP, possibly contact your ISP? I could be wrong though.
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