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    I have an event on my getting to be popular server called Tower of PAIN, basically what it is - is a tower with 2 teams each team has 5 players and one team spawns at bottom of the tower and another team at the top. Its a long process giving each team armor, weapon, potions, ect. So I was wondering if someone, maybe YOU, can make a plugin that announces when the game starts, lets players join by a command (if not thats fine), announces who is on who's team and make it so players can't team-hit another player. Also colored wool head (/hat) would also be good to identify what player is on what team. Also if possible gives player armor automatically (if not also fine, i can make a kit)
    So please if you think you can make a plugin that announces when a game starts and says who is on who's team then PLEASE reply or email at: [email protected]
    Another way to contact me is to join the server itself, ip is:
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    change ur title then i will look into this for you

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