I need a minigame coded please!

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by drty27g8tor, Dec 11, 2014.

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    Plugin Category: Fun / Mechanics / Teleportation

    Name: Kill The King

    Brief Overview: The plugin will have 2 teams a Red Team and a Blue team (It would be good to make it be able to have more Teams if need) and a player gets selected to be a King while all the rest of the players have to protect their king from the other team.

    Features: In this plugin I want alot of features. Some of these features are, coins system, spectating, multiple arenas, join signs, in game shop and alot more. If you are willing to help with this plugin I have it all listed out what I need in it!

    Thankyou Guys.

    This plugin idea is my own idea which can not be used.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @drty27g8tor Removed personal information. That is not allowed.
    Please list all features in the post, same for commands and permissions
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    can you explain more of "in game shop" and "coins System"? how do you get coins? what is in the "in game shop"?
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    I updated my post if you want to check it out
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    That will most likely violate the EULA - just as a hint ;)
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    Its a minigame shop not like with real cash? I just need a developer who is willing to help.
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    @drty27g8tor I meant the 2x for VIPs and please tagh or quote me, otherwise I might not see your answer
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    Well, Just to let you know heaps of servers do double coins for VIP players, so I think it is necessary. If you are willing to help let me know
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    @drty27g8tor Just because lots of servers are doing it does not mean they are in the right... That is giving a bonus to VIPs making it seem to be payed to win which is basically the whole EULA is trying to fix.
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    You weren't exactly explaining more.. I'm pretty sure what he means, is what sort of items will be in the shop (Weapons, Armor, Tools... etc).

    "/ktk admin"
    What exactly does this command do? Please give more info, and not have us ask.
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    Update perms and "In-Game-Shop" Thanyou and Sorry that I didn't explain
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    I'm working on this now :) I need more explaining on the in game shop; what items, enchantments, permissions, whether buying stuff is permanent or just lasts one game, things like that. If you want I can make a Github (or Bitbucket if it's a private plugin) repo for you to see progress.
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    Its immoral :p
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    @drty27g8tor If people who pay with IRL money have an advantage (e.g. better Swords, and 2x money IS an advantage) you
    a) violate the EULAb) are immoral b/c you are pushing young players towards spending money (as most of them can't estimate that good)

    And because a bunch of server owners had very overpriced items in their shop, Mojang specified their EULA (okay... there were also other reasons, but...)
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    You made yourself clear. Thankyou.
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    bukkit should make a rule called "minigame requests" they shouldnt be allowed
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    @drty27g8tor If you made it so that players could also buy VIP without spending real money, then it would be okay.
    Like an ingame shop.
    Real money would be for people who don't want to play for the ingame currency.
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    Nah, minigames are fun if you have time.
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    Guy's you don't have to keep commenting :p
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    @drty27g8tor You should be thrilled that people keep commenting as it bumps your thread.
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    Is anyone working on this right now?
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    I think I'll attempt this soon, it might take awhile because I've got a lot on my to-do list. One feature I would add is a citizens hook so that you can configure it so no one is a king, but an NPC is. Also I would make it so one team is the defenders, and the other the attackers (also configurable.)
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    @reider45 Are you interested in making it?
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    Ill make this
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    You now have 3 people working on different versions of this plugin. Maybe you three could make a github project and make it together instead of racing to the end?
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    Has anyone finished this?
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