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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Gladius_Crafter, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Okay so recently minecraft servers with port 25565 have been lagging every since the 1.3 update.
    Servers without port 25565 dont lag at all and have a regular ping/ms.

    So I did an experiment.

    I got a random server ( mc-lc.com ) and I pinged it from my command prompt.
    Then I pinged it from 1.3.1.

    Command prompt:

    1.3.1 client:

    So im thinking this is all because of the client.
    If you downgrade to 1.2.5 and ping a server, you get the same result as the command prompt.
    The lag is extremely noticeable on the servers too.
    Also I will show you a picture of me pinging a 1.3.1 server without port 25565.

    So right now I need to figure out why servers without port 25565 dont lag/have a high ping.
    I have been searching about this for days and no answer.
    Thanks for reading :)
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    Sorry, but this is just nonsense. This is not how networks work.
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    Hi C:\Users\Ryan
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    Try it out yourself. I am as just as confused as you are..
  5. Hmmm..

    Seems like nonsense
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    I knew no one was going to believe me -_-
    Every server I test out with a port other than 25565 have a low ping!!!
    Every server with port 25565 have a ping of 1000ms and higher..
    Test ...it...out...
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    Its true!
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    I just pinged my server hosted on Nitrado and I have a ping of 15 ms.
    The server is running MC 1.3.1 with Port 25565

    You have to consider the location of the Server. Nitrado has their servers in Frankfurt, what is just 200 km away from me.
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    What did you ping it from?
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    Here is a picture of all servers I play on. My Client is 1.3.2
    As you see they are all @25565 and the ping is as low as 40ms!
    The highest was 160ms.
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