I Couldnt Find A plugin that did this :/

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Redstorm3265, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I was wondering has anyone developed a plugin where you can tp to a players /home? e.g. /home playername I Searched "GetPlugins" with the phrases "Home" and Saw nothing of the sort
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    Essentials does this.

    It has a /sethome and /home command. All of our members use this one and it works great!

    There is also a /setwarp and /warp commands that you can use so other players can get to the same spots. Not EXACTLY what you want, but it allows you to setup a home warp for people and use them that way. Even includes punchable signs to do this.

    Worth checking out.
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    I have Essentials and we use /home What I want to do is be able to teleport to a players /home if they are offline/online instead of having to teleport to them while they are there, @11RJB I read the description and it doesnt seem it does what I wish :/ I think you think I am saying i want to name a home or have mutliple homes
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    Right under the commands section:

    /home <user>:<name> - Teleport to the home location of another user (need invite or correct permission)

    It does exactly what you're asking for.
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    Essentials already does this, but it is often disabled like it is on my server. Lets griefers use your player list as a menu. "Hmm that guy talking now I don't like him ill grief his house first? *types/home greifer:Somedude*"
    http://ess.khhq.net/wiki/Command_Reference < Essentials command list FYI.
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