I can't connect to my own server...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nissas03, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Hello, I can't connect to my own server! Can just connect with But not my ip? Please help!

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    because you are joinging the server from the hosting computer.. Its a Localhost. IT cannot connect from an actual external IP because you most likely cannot backloop data with your internet. Others outside of your network will have to connect with your external IP
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    That would only be apparent on a ADSL dial up connection... they have been obsolete for about 2 million years.

    Can other people join your server via your external IP?
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    Try to portforward to login with your IP. Also make sure you disable your firewall. You can go to canyouseeme.org, type 25565 on the port and it's gonna tell you if the port is open.
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    You cannot connect with your external IP if you are inside your network (LAN). Only people that are on the other side of your router can connect (WAN).
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    I have windstream and one of their crappy ADSL Modems and it wont allow loopback connections....
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    How can you run a Minecraft server then?
    A Minecraft server would connect to the authentication servers and download data at the same time, you can't run a server on a modem.
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    I have standard DSL and everyone with DSL use a modem (or a modem/router) combination. what i am describing is the host computer trying to go outside the network (lan) and then come back in a connect to itself.
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    I am having the same problem, I was trying to connect with the external IP, but how do I get in from the host computor???
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    Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or modem has nothing to do with not being able to connect to your own external IP. This is just how networking works.

    You will always have to connect to your own server via "localhost", "192.xxx.xx.xxx", or "". Players outside of your network will need to connect to your external public IP, or a dynamic address as explained at the bottom of this post.

    The only issue with not being able to connect with your external IP is all aesthetic. If you really absolutely want to change the "look" of the IP you use to connect to your server you could use no-ip.com or another dynamic DNS website and change your windows Hosts file. Or even better, set up an A Record if you own a domain for your server.

    Browser over to
    1. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    2. Open the hosts file with notepad
    Here is what mine looks like


    I own that domain so I just set up the A record "play." to point to my public IP.

    Yours will look something like:
    yourname.no-ip.com xxx.xxx.xx.xxx
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    This still wouldn't work from within the LAN because you are still trying to route to the external IP from within the LAN.

    You could do this but instead of putting the external IP address in the hosts file, put That should work.

    This post has nothing to do with connecting from outside the LAN. Only within.
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    Here is for starters. with Windows OS's (This is windows 7/8 but its the same idea for Vista and XP)

    Connecting locally (Within your router):

    hit your Windows Start button
    where it says search programs and files type CMD and push enter
    a black box will come up. This is your Command Prompt.
    type "IPCONFIG" and push Enter
    find where it says...
    Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
    Use Ethernet if you are wired to the router or Wireless if you are wireless.
    find where it says...
    IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
    This is mine, yours will be different.
    This is the IP you want on to connect to.

    Same Machine

    The easiest thing to do here is just type one of these for server address
    Now add server/direct connect.

    Outside your firewall:

    Hamachi/LAN Bridger Method:
    First i would not recommend this, this method it mainly for people who can't get their router info.

    First install Hamachi or LAN Bridger (Google it)
    Create a Mesh network on Hamachi or just create a network on LAN Bridger
    when your friends install the same program you used and connect to your channel, they can copy your IPV4 address and use that.

    Port Forwarding:

    This is mainly for more advanced users, if you are under 13 i would highly recommend asking your adult before doing this.

    Get your IPV4 address (scroll up for instructions) and open a web browser.
    in URL type the default gateway you have in your command prompt, for example:
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
    (Most gateways are or
    Login with your Router's username and password
    Navigate to Port forwarding, probably under advance
    add a port, name it whatever you want, but make sure the port is opened to your IPV4 address and the port number is 25565. (You can change this as long as you change it in your server.properties file)
    Add port, and your done! One problem, chances are your router doesn't save your MAC address so you have the same IP every time. Continue to setting up a static IP

    Setting up a Static IP:

    Right click on your Wireless Bars/ Wired connection window in the bottom right hand corner, open network and sharing center. in the left side click change adapter settings. right click on whatever connection you are using and hit properties. You will have to be an administrator on this PC. Click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4)
    and hit the Properties button a little lower down. Click obtain the IP address manually.
    Change this to whatever you port forwarded to. When you click on Subnet mask it fills automatically. the default gateway should stay the same, along with the DNS servers if you don't really know what your doing. For alternate DNS server put this is a Free Google DNS anyone can use. Click the Validate settings upon exit and hit OK!
    Open up your web browser and if you can connect to the internet your good!
    Windows troubleshooter might pop up, but that doesn't mean anything, if you lose internet connection but are connected see if you did anything wrong. some computers that I've worked with just don't like Static IPs (Mainly Windows 8 PCs)

    Now your done! Get your External IP from whatismyip.org or you can download NoIp from No-ip.com so you can put in stuff like Server_Test.no-ip.org or whatever you want!
    Have Fun!
    - Jeff
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    Nissas03 Can you please explain your problem for those that aren't grasping it? I was guessing that you just didn;t know that you can't connect to your server from within the same LAN. If it is more complicated than that, please explain.
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    Hello! I could before join with my ip! This is that i could join before on:, and now i can't! My friends can't join with that ip... I have portforwarded right.


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