i can only join my server with "LocalHost" (Nobody else can join)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by _Techcraft, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Hi my name is Ryan, i have just made a bukkit server but nobody can join it(Before i port forwarded). I was joining the server with my 192.168.... Address. I decided to port forward and i'm pretty sure i did it correctly, but now i cant even join with my 192.168 address, other people still can't join. I am only able to join using Localhost. I would really appreciate if anybody could help me.

    PS : i am on a mac and use a verizon router if you guys need my logs and stuff please replay thanks in advance! (Firewall might be causing a problem)
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    You need to port forward four router. Then assign that port to your computer.
    There should be some guides to do this on the internet, or you could try http://portforward.com/
    If you don't do this, people will not be able to join.
    You should set the firewall to allow traffic through the port you use for the Minecraft server.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi oxafemble thanks for replaying. i have port forwarded as i stated above using portforward.com. can you please guide me for the firewall part? i am using a mac. Thanks again! :D
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    Err.. I sort of need to know what Firewall you're using (If any)
    Make sure that the port you use for the server is assigned to the physical machine that the server is on.
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    192.168.*.* is the address of your computer on your local network. What people need to connect to you is your external IP. Google "what's my ip" and you will find plenty of websites that will tell you what your external IP is.
    If you still have trouble after forwarding the appropriate port and if there are going to be less than 5 players on your server, try Hamachi. It's free and there are many tutorials around on how to use it.
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    I have tried this, but people still can't connect i think this might be a firewall problem but i don't really know what to do :| please help D:

    I am on the firewall on my system preference on my mac
    and what do you mean by 'Make sure that the port you use for the server is assigned to the physical machine that the server is on.'

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    Follow these:
    • Login to your router
    • Open the port
    • Assign the open port to the physical server
    • Done!
    There should be heaps of guides on how to do this on the internet (Take a look on YouTube)

    On my Mac, in the firewall settings, this is what I did:
    • Select 'Firewall options..'
    • Allow connections with the name 'Java' or similar.
    You need to open the port in the router first.
    If you wanted to, you could disable the Firewall entirely, but it's highly unrecommended to do that.
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    How do i open the port D: sorry for these question im new to this stuff
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    Look for a guide on youtube or somewhere on the internet.

    Sorry that I can't tell you how, as each router uses a different system.
    Search for something like "Opening ports on a whatever router you have"
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    thanks man i got it! the server is now TechcraftPVP.NO-IP.ORG
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