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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Makan747, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Hello! i would love to get something alike the QuakeCraft minigame that is on Hypixel server!

    The IP to the server: mc.hypixel.net
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    You can probably replicate it with certain plugins, if not you would need to ask in the plugin request section.

    Never been on his server, going to give it a try tonight.

    Nothing is protected on the internet. ;)
    Copying it will make you look like an ass, then again he does release his maps for everyone to use so not sure how much he cares.

    In the end its probably more publicity if you at least declare who made the map.
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    "Nothing is protected on the internet."
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    No, there is nothing like this ..

    Oh, well :/
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    You could just play on the 600 slot server that has the plugin, and won't lag as bad as your own. No reason to copy his ideas, come up with a new idea and make a server. And if you want it to be serious, don't make a post about it. PM developers personally and get someone who will be dedicated and have time to do it.
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    Hmm, I don't know what this is, I will look at it, but can someone give me a short explanation of this minigame?
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    Vanilla Deathmatch (I think it is first to 25, not sure if there's a time limit).

    But basically...
    1. Choose arena
    2. Wait in lobby for enough players to start
    3. Start game, players spawn in random locations around the arena
    4. Use the hoe item in your hand and right click to shoot
    5. If you shoot a player with the hoe item gun they "blow up" and you get a point.
    6. If you die then you simply respawn, no penalties.
    7. First to 25 wins (I think? - I'm sure it is configurable)
    Edit: Go to hypixel's server and play a match or two, it is kinda fun, but gets old quickly as there doesn't seem to be anything else to it besides right clicking at players far away from you.
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    I have created a quakecraft plugin in december 2012 (Not perfect, and you need to change some things for play). I released it to public the day when hypixel server oppened (because i don't realy want to continue it): https://github.com/monowii/mwQuakeCraft
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    Are you Dedicated <3
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    Just download a guns plugin, and a battle arena one.
    Customise them a bit and wala!
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    All of his plugins are custom and he told me he will never release them to the public
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    its not completely his game its idsoftware's game.

    its not 100% private The server Real Pvp has it

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    QuakeCraft is an amazing game =D Would be good to see a plugin for it :3
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    No reason when there is a 6 thousand slot server where it is very well supported and has a player base. Just making more servers would be annoying for that server and probably make some people mad.
    And the necro bro :\
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    The plugins source code is online, its pretty hard to get to it though. But honestly, isn't playing with a bunch of people already on his server better?
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    Is this the source code? :p

    Seems to work, except for maps.
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    You compile it
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    Can you do it for me? I'm confused.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    First you import the entire source, then you deploy your plugin
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    I got the jar to my desktop but I doesn't show up when I do /pl on my server.
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    Necro? xD
    the AverageGamer Quake source code, if you go to EVT_Chat, it has a /opme in it lAWL
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