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    Plugin category: [MECH]

    Suggested name: CommandSigns

    A bit about me: I'm a server owner and this plugin is absolutly vital for me. apparently it doesn't work with R5 and I don't want to lose it when we next update. :(

    What I want: I just need the plugin to be updated. The author has stated that he's fine anyone taking over. There is a bug with PEX (doesn't bother me - I don't use it) and I believe that's all. I would like to request, however, the addion of multiple lines. 9 isn't enough! :(

    Ideas for commands: They're all there already.

    Ideas for permissions: They're all there already.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Similar plugin requests: I've seen no official requests, but there are a fair few in the commandsigns thread.

    Devs who might be interested in this: I don't know :D

    Damn, I didn't mean to post the link as the title, let me see if I can fix that..

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    /svs add <--- allows for unlimited commands on signs and ANY text on the sign you want
    /svs add <server> allows for commands executed by the console also unlimited amount

    you dont need to put the commands on the signs with this plugin
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