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    Plugin category:
    Harry Potter Roleplay

    Suggested name: HPSorting

    What I want: A plugin that sorts students into their houses, just like the real harry potter - I am aware there are already plugins that do this, but they are not how I really want them to be, nor what I expect. What I want is where you have to click on a "sorting hat" (such as clicking on a block) and it will teleport you to an area. Once you click on the sorting hat, you will be given blindness for basically, forever, until you get sorted. Once you click on the sorting hat, it will tell you "Hmm.. Yes, I like what I see here.." Things like that; You will be then given at least 10 - 15 questions regarding HP related things. If possible, the questions can be configured in the config. Once the player finishes the sorting quiz, it will tell the player "Yes.. I will put you in.. (house)!" There will also be a broadcast to the entire server saying like "[Sorting] (player) has been sorted into (house)!" Once they are sorted, they would be teleported to back where they started at once they clicked the hat, and they would get their house tag (if possible, with pex) and from there they would be guided throughout their journey on the server.
    Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.
    Ideas for commands:
    - /sort sethatlocation (sets it to what block you are currently standing on)
    - /sort (player) [house] (this will automatically sort a player, even if they didn't go through the quiz)
    - /sort help (list possible commands)
    * I don't have too much ideas for commands, as most of this is config-based. If you have any ideas, feel free to add them though!
    Ideas for permissions:

    When I would like it by: I would like it within the next week or so, but it doesn't matter to me. :)
  2. How do you want to make the Sorting thingy possible?
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    @FurRail Do you mean how it like sorts you by answering the questions?
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  4. No, how do you decide, in which house the player comes?
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    I think Cam means that within the Harry Potter sorting test, if you answer a set of questions in a certain way - you will be put into that house.
  6. I need to know the mechanic.. "in a certein way" is not acurate enouth
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    Do you think you could come up with a set of example questions and answers, and say which answer leans towards which house? I think that'd be really helpful to make the plugin ;)
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    Easiest way would be to give each question a score for each house like.

    Do you like killing bunnies? Yes (Sly: 10 Rav: 2 Gri: 0 Huf: 0) No (Sly: 0 Rav: 5 Gri: 10 Huf: 10)

    Then tally the scores at the end of the questions to determine which house.
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    Ayy, that's what I was thinking! :)
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    I think this would allow all the values and questions to be done in a config file. It's been forever since I've done YAML but something like...

    Q1: Do you like killing bunnies?
    Gri: 0
    Huf: 0
    Rav: 0
    Sly: 10​
    Gri: 10
    Huf: 8
    Rav: 10
    Sly: 0​
    Q2: Are flesh eating brain slugs creepy?
    Gri: 1
    Huf: 8
    Rav: 2
    Sly: 0​
    Gri: 8
    Huf: 4
    Rav: 10
    Sly: 8​
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