Howmany players would I be able to run on this VPS?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tanveergt5, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Alright guys but Unqhosting say they give no refunds what so ever, so Basically I am stuck with these guys for 1 month.
    Then I will get the its much better from the looks of it

    edit: last question How many IP Adresses do I need "failover" or what ever it's called?
    should each server have its own dedicated IP? so 3 ips in other words
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    Doesn't need it no.
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    Why not? I don't get it so you are saying I need 1 IP? or more?

    Heres my situation I have a dedicated server running SMP and PVP server, they have 2 different dedicated IP's are you saying I only need 1 dedicated IP? if so hows that possible to use 1 ip for both servers?
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    SRV records.
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    SRV records sounds good, any idea How I implement this?

    Also side note my server was DDOS'd and has been blocked or something by my host.
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    A simple google wouldn't hurt. :)

    You probably got null routed.
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    Just a warning, it seems like not all ISPs support SRV records. I put two of my servers onto the same box with the same IP. I planned on using SRV so would go towards port 25565 and would go to port 25560. I set it up and it worked great for me. Then I reopened the server to the public and a good 1/3 players could not connect to the server. I thought this was an issue with the records not yet propagating(even though I use cloudflare and it's usually instant), so I waited a week. And another. And another. Still, a big portion of my players could not connect through the SRV records, but using would work fine for them. So, I ended up just getting rid of SRV and living with having to append the port tot he back of one of my server's IPs.
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    Hardware has nothing to do with ddos...
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    Codex Arcanum

    I think that was supposed to be two seperate points:
    1. they use crap desktop hardware
    2. they can't handle a DDoS attack to save their lives
    I don't think they were meant to be related.
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    Are these stats good??

    • AMD Athlon™ II X4
    • 16 GB DDR3
    • RAID 1 by Software
    • 2x 1500 GB SATA II HDD
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • St. Louis (USA)
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    seems ok ?
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    One answer:
    Depends on what type of plugins you want to be installed. It also depends on the network and the hardware. Its no way i could give you the amount of people you can run on it without testing it my self. The other way around to, it depends on where they players are located and their network connection.

    It is so many different things that can change the fact on the amount of players so its NO WAY i can give you an amount of users that can be on the server. Even if you told me the amount of plugins or what type of plugins. I have no idea how stable the network you got, if it is a dedicated line for that machine of if its shared. I can not tell either way because i dont know what more things you will be running on your ubuntu, neither do i know what version of it is or if you have done any optimization to your kernal.

    If you where to use a database for plugins, would it be on the same machine or not and if not how stable is the connection between?

    So many factors and so few answers.

    Tho good hardware and connection is a BIG PLUS, then its also depended on how you take care of the machine and the server it self. Are all plugins up to date and working propperly for example.

    Do they all work seemlesly together nor not? Does players get packet loss towards your server nor not depending on where they are located in that case how much packet loss?

    There is even more to it than meets the eye, can't give you a straight answer on any exact amount of users you can have on.

    Anyone can guess, but no one here can be sure.

    Here is a similar question:
    How many programs can i install on this computer and run at the same time?
    Answer: Depends on your hardware and what TYPE of programs you want to run. But it can also depend on other things like how theese programs are installed and if any of them conflict with each other and there for it doesnt work.

    It will also vary if your computer is updated with all stuff that it needs or if its old then it might have lots of crap since before that might fuc* things up.

    So many things and really no good answer :)
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    That's crazy then.. Those stats are only $48 a month!!!! I am paying $79.99 for my VPS from Dotblock right now that is 7GB's.
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    48!!!!!!!?? oh crap i didnt realise
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    Ikr? But the thing that I see that's a little fishy is the $199 setup fee? And if you don't do that then it is $68.00 a month then. Which $68 still isn't bad for 16GB's.
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    Nathan C

    At that price, you could easily get a dedicated server.
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