Howmany players would I be able to run on this VPS?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tanveergt5, Dec 25, 2012.

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    VPS servers run Intel Xeon processors series Quad Core Xeon X5650 2.66 GHz and Quad Core E5620 2.4 GHz.
    Our servers use up to 24 GB DDR3 - 1333 MHz, ECC REG Kingston. On each physical server to maintain 20% minimum amount of spare memory that serves to meet the needs of our clients for temporary elevated loads.
    Disk space: machines are assembled with a credibility test server HDD series designed for high loads. The drives work in RAID-10 array that offers the best possible combination of reliability and performance. On each physical server supports up to 50% back place that can meet the needs of our customers to increase the parameters.
    Connectivity: network has multiple redundant Internet connectivity in all major ISPs in Bulgaria and international routes. redundancy is realized in the network through two independent points. Upon removal of any of these automatic traffic passes through the other. Tests show that in such cases the connection is restored in less than 10 seconds.
    2 Dedi IP
    Linux - Ubuntu
    Root Access / SSH
    Web Server
    ITS 49 EUROS A MONTH / 65 dollars
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    Like 16-24
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    What factors do you believe make it so low? I thought it would be 30-50 atleast
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    Small ram
    Crappy processor
    from a country I don't even know existed
    HDD on raid 10.
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    What Processor is recommened? and define small ram? less ram? slow ram? what should I be looking for? where should I be looking?
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    Just get a regular server.
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    from who?!? I've been through many they allways screw me over 1 way or another, please tell me a good one
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    Bukkit servers are (mostly) single-threaded which means that you'll want to go for the higher clock speed in processors, rather than a large number of cores. 2.4GHz is really slow.
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    can you please tell me a host to use though? should I use DaddyCheese?
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    Dat price :confused:
    If you have that budget, consider dedicated server at ovh.
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    but where should I get one from!?
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    Try beastnode.
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    *ahem* ovh.
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    im staying with UNQhost, howmany players can I get on with this?
    7750 /month
    • Intel i3 2130 3.4GHz
    • 16GB RAM
    • 2x 1TB Hard Drive
    • 100Mb/s Uplink
    • 5TB Bandwidth
    • Selection of different OS'
    • Location: France
    Can I run 2 servers, each allocated 8gb ram each with this DEDI? beastnode dont do Dedi​
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    30-50 players.
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    You didn't specify you want a dedi, check out
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    but can I run 2 servers on my dedi? i just got it for 77 dollars it uses a intel i3 as stated above

    il check out next month guys thanks for the replies!
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    1. You can run as many servers as you want on a dedicated server.
    2. You got a resold server from OVH, you're getting charged more than buying it direct.
    3. The i3 won't perform well, so I would recommend getting a better CPU for 40+ players.
    4. LimestoneNetwork is in the United States, and sells E3 model CPU servers which is what you'll want. They are currently out of stock for RAM and SSD's, though.
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    ok thanks, I didn't realise how badly I was getting ripped off, the next month onwards I will choose OVH most likely or Limestone
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    I run my own machine at home (got a 25mbps upload):
    Athlon II X4 3.9GHz
    12GB Ram
    Win7 host
    VBox Guest with Ubuntu 11.10 <-2 cores/8GB to server
    RAM Disk with rsyncbackup every 15 mins
    MySQL with HawkEye-Reloaded
    Apache2 + Dynmap, mostly hosting Drupal-based sites, some WordPress too. Traffic is very low.
    [INFO] Plugins (46): TimTheEnchanter, WorldEdit, GoldIsMoney, PermissionsBukkit, CommandBook, LethalSnow, bReport, ChannelChat, Vault, Multiverse-Core, LWC, Jail, WorldGuard, dynmap, Dynmap-WorldGuard, InfinitePlots, BetterEnderChest, FormatChannel, ScrollingMenuSign, HawkEye, Nordic, Dynmap-CommandBook, Turnstile, OpenInv, BKCommonLib, ChestShop, ProtocolLib, CleanroomGenerator, Factions, LagMeter, CensorChat, Courier, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-Layers, Multiverse-SignPortals, Multiverse-NetherPortals, JSONAPI, Dynmap-Factions, FactionChannel, DisguiseCraft, CraftBookCommon, Train Carts, CraftBookCircuits, CraftBookMechanisms, Multiverse-Adventure, Multiverse-Inventories

    (some of these like JSONAPI i am not really using at the moment, but I wanted to make some kind of basic admin panel)

    Can pretty much do whatever I want on the host OS (Win7) and unless I crush the disk useage, there isn't much lag. I use 2 cores so that plugins that use threads can have a little extra oomph, and so things that are natively multithreaded like MySQL and Apache can complete requests a little faster.

    I don't see much traffic (largest load test was like 8 players) but LagMeter showed a full 20TPS and the only time anyone complains about lag it turns out to be their client (because they've all got like 800 FF tabs open, plus Skype)

    I've also done tests with an IRC server (ircd-hybrid, not linked with any larger network) with anope services and teamspeak3, it all runs well. If I where to expand to a constant 30 players with web access and TS3 happening all at once I'd probably be hurting, but I'd imagine without any VoIP I could handle at least 20 users easy. RAM Disk makes a HUGE difference - if you can get it set up reliably with a solid automatic backup, it's key.
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    if u want good quality hosting and cheap then checkout hetzner or server4you
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    I agree with this guy. When I first started dedi hosting I used hetzner, you can get a full on dedi for just a bit more then the cost you would be paying for that vps.
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    oh yeah guys on this specific dedi
    77.50 /month
    • Intel i3 2130 3.4GHz
    • 16GB RAM
    • 2x 1TB Hard Drive
    • 100Mb/s Uplink
    • 5TB Bandwidth
    • Selection of different OS'
    • Location: France
    I am running a SMP server (8gb ram), a factions server(4gb ram), but I want to setup a tekkit along side with the last 4gb ram, is it possible? or will their be side effects if so which?
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    Hetzner was one of the worst services I had ever come across, I wouldn't recommend them if you're looking to run a "professional" server/service.
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    I have a Intel i7 3770, 16gb ram, and a 128gb samsung 840 pro ssd. Tomorrow Verizon is increasing my bandwidth to 75mbps download and 35mbps upload. The machine runs only ubuntu for the os.

    My usual load of players is about 15 players at one time, but has reached 40 a few times. A mysql server for logblock is running and that's essentially all the machine does. There currently 23 plugins, and we usually have about 25.

    I basically have an extreme overkill as far as specs for my server, and the only thing i'm paying for is the difference in the internet bill, since the 25/15 -> 75/35 upgrade is 25$ extra a month. TV + Extremely fast internet = 120$ a month.

    I wouldn't personally recommend a Ramdisk since an ssd is a lot more reliable and albeit not as fast, works more then fine for a server.

    Since hosting from home is cheaper for me, it's a clear cut winner. No host could provide similar service within my budget. The only con is that in the event of a DoS/DDoS attack, my home internet shuts down too, however there's only been 2 real incidents in the entire course of my servers uptime. One last saturday infact.
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    can u answer my question though lol plz and thanks
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    It's already been answered, you have the budget for an alright dedicated server, the last specs you posted were pretty terrible in my opinion (An i3? My iMac would be hold more players). Look for high clock rate, preferably a server processor (xeon), look for an SSD especially.

    Theres almost no way you can run 3 servers on an i3, I could barely run one server on an i3 back when I used to. CPU will easily be your bottleneck, find a better cpu if you want to try and run 3 servers on one machine. (And tekkit especially, it's just bloatware to me...)
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    Nathan C

    Your issue will be Tekkit loves to eat CPU for breakfast.

    No you could host two servers fine, but three is pushing it, since the i3 only has two cores.

    Also why not get this?:

    Wayyy better, located in Canada and can host all your stuff easilly. Best part is that it is only $10 more....$88 per month.

    Not to mention they use crap desktop hardware and can't handle a DDoS attack to save their lives.
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