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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Javiervs, Dec 27, 2012.

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    bpermissions was just error messages.
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    outdated version for bukkit then?
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    Before 1.4.6. Lets not start an arguement. The guy just wants to know how to set up permissions.
  4. Ok, so I will use Group Manager. I have to look at ALL the nodes of all my plugins and set the ones I want, right? Is much different this one plugin from the others?
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    Honestly if you go into the Group Manager folder and look around you will start to understand how it is set. you have world that you set for groups and users as well as a global inheritance section(use this to your advantage and less typing)
  6. Well, I have been trying GroupManager and I don't understand why, before and then, when I set to blank all groups and all "global groups", I can't, for example, use /help in my server.

    Another question: There's a premissions file in the main folder of the server. Why you recommend a plugin and not to use this one?

    Thanks and regards.
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    well, if you remove all groups in the groups.yml, you crash the plugin for a no group defined error.

    as for second question, you dont set permissions in that file, only a thing called "parent node"
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    Using PEX is good, I had no problems till 1.4.6
    GM is much easier and almost ready to use out the box along side essentials
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    For group manager you need to start your server so your "world's name" is in the folder for worlds then go in to that world and set your group yml as well as your users yml. you do this the same way as PEX except that your users go into the users yml rather than on the same yml as permissions. the global inheritance are preset groups that you can have inherited to save a lot of set up. I personally have not used the global inheritance feature yet, but as I add more worlds I see why they are there.

    As "Tanveergt5" said it is almost ready to use, if you start your serve then stop it, then go to the users yml of your world that is in the worlds folder of the group manager folder, and add yourname to that list with a group assigned and restart you will be good to go with a basic permissions set up. seriously all you need to do is put your name in the users yml for your world with a group assigned to it. then restart your server and you will have it. then just add the rest of the otherpeoplesnames with the appropriate group assigned, in your worlds user yml.

    After you get that going you will better understand it and can then adjust permission by adding or removing nodes in either the global group yml or the group yml that is in your world folder.
  10. Ok, I will try and practise as soon as I can. Thanks.
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