How to update server to 1.9 prerelease?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xAsianZombie, Oct 7, 2011.

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    How would I do this and would I have to generate a new world?

    Because if we lose all our current structures I dont think I want to do it...
  2. You CANNOT use bukkit with 1.9 prerelease and there WONT be a recommended build before 1.9 is officially out.
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    Ok thanks
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    1.9 Official WONT be comming out, Jens just tweeted that
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    Well, that's a bit misguiding. It will be released, it's just that we still don't have a release date.
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    No Wiliamsson, Porydan2 is correct. There will be NO 1.9, just the final Release. I know how to read.
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    So the next time Ill be able to update my server is when Minecraft releases? 11/11/11
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    I think it might even be 18/11/11. You can still run the pre-beta builds directly from Mojang if you want to, but apparently they're quite buggy, and of course don't support any Bukkit plugins.
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    So can i update or not you people confuse me
    Plz answere
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    Heh, here:

    1. Backup your whole server folder just in case.
    2. get the 1.9pre5 CB .jar here:
    3. rename it or rewrite your start.bat to point at it.
    4. get 1.9pre5 MC client.
    5. hope all your plugins work. (only 1 of mine didnt, from the version string i assume)
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    You do know that CraftBukkit for 1.9 is unstable and is just a development build!?
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    I have 1.9 official it came out yesterday
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