How to survive 1.3.1

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zipron, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Many question are asked about this topic, this is a quick list of answers to FAQ's:

    - if you were running a craftbukkit server, you'll have to wait until the recommended build has been pushed:

    - plugins shouldn't break with the 1.3 update if and only if the developer(s) of your plugins are up-to-date with the latest recommended build. New features will available though, so probably, many plugins will be updated as soon as possible.

    - if you want to keep your old 1.2.5 world, that is perfectly possible. However, 1.3 features such as desert villages, jungle temples etc. won't be generated in existing chunks. This means you'll have to go to land that isn't explored yet so 1.3.1 chunks can generate. If you want old chunks to become 1.3.1 chunks, you can use a plugin called worldedit ( If you select a region and use the "//regen" command, chunks will be regenerated with the 1.3.1 code. However, this means you'll need a working 1.3.1 craftbukkit server. Do use this command carefully though! if you regen chunks where people built in, they will be reset(!). If you're afraid of ugly chunk borders, don't worry, since 1.2 (I think) mojang implemented a way to make a smooth transition between old and new chunks, this means you won't get any ugly chunk borders. Also keep in mind that biome generation hasn't been changed that much, only structure generation, which won't affect the way the landscape looks. (//regen could give ugly chunk borders though)

    - if you cannot wait, and want to check out the MP in 1.3.1 you can: download the mojang server, this is getting better and better each update because dinnerbone is fixing it for mojang (craftbukkit guy): (server downloads are at the bottom of the page) It's as easy as downloading the .jar or .exe file and copy/paste it in the same spot your craftbukkit.jar file is located. You can than run it (on windows with the .exe) or with commandline on any other system and windows by copy/pasting your start.bat file (or run.bat or server.bat or whatever it is called) and opening it with notepad++ or a similar program. Than just change the "craftbukkit.jar" name with the name of the server jar you just downloaded (rename it server.jar or something if you want). You can than run your server the same way as you do with craftbukkit. Be aware that the mojang server software doesn't support plugins, so this means that you will play a vanilla server with basic commands for OPs only (
    - Second option is downloading a craftbukkit dev jar. These are often bugged and can cause severe damage: (the red button). I do however don't advice using these.

    Be aware of this most important thing: if you want 100% reliable information, you shouldn't listen to me but to the developers of craftbukkit, keep up-to-date here:

    That's all, I hope I could make you a bit more relaxed about the upcoming major and cool changes =)
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    Curses! I might actually have to release an update for my one and only plugin :(
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    imo, updating a plugin is much less work than the all the panic about updating a server and keep your players up-to-date =D
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    Latisan Sklay

    When will the updated craftbukkit.jar be released?
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    Latisan Sklay

    My apologies – I might almost agree with that. I hadn't looked anywhere else on Bukkit – I came here by another source and saw only this page.
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    Aww, here - have some cake: [cake] <3
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    That's not true? You can use a dev or beta build =/
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    where can we find the dev build, waiting sux
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    So you say that you can just use the vanilla Minecraft Server from I have tried doing that and the nether portals are all messed up. Like they go to a different place in the nether. I have been told that it's because vanilla and bukkit use different nether code or something....
    Anyways, I wanna update my server to vanilla 1.3.1....anyone know how to fix that nether issue?
    Thanks for any help
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    read the last point in my post xD

    As I said, dev builds aren't available yet, and I don't know if they will be available. It ahs always been an option in the past, so probably they will be pushed in the near future.

    normally nether portals act the same except when you're using plugins on bukkit; each portal in the overworld that is in a radius of 1024 blocks x or z (y doesn't count) with another portal, goes to the same portal in the nether. same with the nether but than in a radius of 128 blocks (1 block in the nether = 128 in the overworld). You can find all info about it here: ofcourse it is possible that there are bugs in the mojang server software, I cannot garrantue that's it's bug free =)

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    i didnt mean that rudely, im just really wanting to see my server in 1.3 lol, no worries

    p.s. do you feel this update will break most plugins or are they unaffected by the new code
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    As is stated for pretty much every single update to craftbukkit, your plugins should not break if the author has been keeping up to date with the development of the Bukkit API.
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    The main thing that will brake plugins is not knowing how to handle new items. like say a redstone emulator coming into contact with the new trip wires in most cases like that the plugin will toss an error to console and continue on its merry way and just not work as expected.

    However Dev builds of bukkit may have exploits in them so just be careful iv been running servers since alpha I survived Hmod to bukkit and far worse updates than this I remember when parts of the core API in bukkit would change those were dark frustrating time.

    Personally I have my server whitelisted for the time being running the dev version of bukkit testing bits and pieces out and only letting trusted members into the server. Reporting any thing that i find wrong back to the bug tracker.

    To be honest reporting bugs is the fastest way to get an RB out the sooner every wrong is found and worked out and made public the sooner it can be fixed.
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    I'm not a pro, but to me it seems that many things are added, but the existing code won't change that much. We had a major API update for 1.1 if I'm not mistaken, so things should be pretty straight forward now, all plugins built for 1.2.5 should work, maybe some very specific things will be changed and give errors, but we can't be sure untill the RB is pushed.

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    Well, I updated it anyway! XD

    I am now future-proofed against the official 1.3 release. <3 (Woop woop! Free advertising <3)

    I'm now experiencing the pain of having several messages on my website from players that have updated to 1.3 and wondering why they can't play on the server. :p
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    good, but be sure to test it too when new dev builds or a RB has been pushed =)
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    Thank you, even though I already knew all of this information, it calmed me down.... So thanks!
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    Christ now there is a mountain of Beta 1.3.1 Threads.
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    well the beta build seems to be working fine as of now....citizens seems to be my only issue
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