How to stop breaking crops VIA jump.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MagmaticBacca, May 23, 2015.

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    Hewwow :3,
    Im sure we all know about breaking crops by jumping on them and it can get annoying from time to time and i recently got a new server lobby including some crops for decoration and im worried about having players break them via jump. I have coded a plugin to stop them breaking them by hand but i have no clue about the jumping.

    So far i have had no luck on the forums. So in short how do i stop players breaking crops from jumping on them?

    Halp :3
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    @MagmaticBacca I remember I disabled that before, but I no longer have the project for that. I believe it is the BlockChangeEvent
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    @MagmaticBacca The event is PlayerInteractEvent, the action is PHYSICAL and the block type is Material.SOIL if I recall correctly.

    Just cancel it.
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    Well i seem to have a variety of ways to go so ill just tinker around until i get it or not, if all goes wrong ill report back ;)
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