How to reduce lag on Bukkit Server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dragonrykr, Aug 31, 2012.

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    As title says i want to know what are the ways to reduce lag on the servers and i want to know how to increase ms of the server because my server is like 52-56ms but others around 232ms?
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    At first 52-56ms is your ping, which only depends on your Internet connection. And believe me, your ping is pretty good. The less is the number, the better.

    Here are some general advices on how to "tune-up" your server fast and easy:
    - reduce the view-distance in your file. This is how much chunk data around each player will be sent to client.
    - you can install some tweak-plugins, like MaxTPS, NoLagg or pTweaks (which are only a temporary solution).
    - you definetely need to install WorldBorder plugin or smth. similar, so that your worlds aren't infinite.
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    my view distance is 10
    is that good?
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    10 is around normal. The higher you set it, the further players will be able to see, but the harder your server and Internet connection will be taxed. I wouldn't set it higher than 12, and would reduce it to 7-8 on a busy server.
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    i am having the same problems i am running my server on a dedicated pentium dual core with 4GB RAM (3GB is allocated to my server) i only have 15 slots open but even when just a couple people are on it lags alot PLEASE HELP
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    I have my own server, which has 3gb RAM free, but when i edit RUN to use that RAM it won't let me, so how can i fix that
  7. Install JRE (java runtime enviroment) 64-bit, it should work then
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