How to protect horses?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Bobcat00, Jul 16, 2013.

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    I see there's a bunch of plugins available, but I'm looking for suggestions from people who have tried some of the horse management plugins with 1.6.x.

    What I want is to prevent horses/saddles/armor from being stolen, and to prevent horses from being killed by other players and creeper explosions.

    I don't want people to be able to teleport horses, nor to buy/sell horses. If there's a way to limit the number of horses they "own", that would be a plus.

    The simpler, the better. Any suggestions?
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    i think griefprevention protects horses thats in a protected area, but im probably wrong..
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    griefprevention beta builds do
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    I tried MyHorse last night. It has potential, but I'm not exactly thrilled with it.

    I also had a problem (which may be unrelated to the plugin) where the horse had a leash tied to a post, but after the chunk was unloaded and reloaded, there was no leash visible to break. The result is the horse could not be moved away from the post. I had to edit the .mca file to get rid of the leash.
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    Break the fence post?
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    Didn't help. Horse was tied with an invisible leash. Right-clicking while holding a leash would mount the horse. Attempts to ride the horse more than a couple blocks failed.

    Only solutions were to edit the .mca file or kill the horse.
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    The plugin "Horses" works great.
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    Oh, I thought the lead releases when the post is broken.
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    Except in this case, there wasn't any leash to break (no rope on the post, either), but the horse data said there was a leash. So the horse thought it couldn't go anywhere, but there was no way to release it.

    It just occurred to me that the post was adjacent to a sand wall. Maybe that's part of the problem. I'll have to do more testing later.

    At least now I have an in-game NBT editor so I can fix these problems (and change the color of horses!) more easily.
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    There's definitely a bug if you leash a horse to a post which is next to sand, as shown in the screenshot. When the chunk is reloaded, the leash will be gone, but the horse will think it still has a leash. This makes it impossible to unleash the horse.

    If I place the post so it's freestanding, the leash works properly.

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    That one looks interesting, although I don't need a "Virtual Stable Management System". Does it protect the horses' saddles and leads? If a horse wanders off, does the plugin know where it is? How do you claim a horse?

    MyHorse just keeps track of where you last dismounted.
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    They took no notice of you. Which is what I was trying to point out. That's all.

    Only the person who owns the horse can ride it, and see its inventory. If the horse wanders off, it is despawned. Then you have to summon it again.

    You claim horses either by buying them with a command, or you can configure it to be able to tame horses from the wild (By right clicking them with a name tag)
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    So the Horses plugin has an entirely new mechanism for handling horses? The NBT data for horses already includes the owner, inventory, and persistence. But with the plugin, I don't tame and take ownership of horses by riding them? And horses despawn instead of being persistent? So now the players have to learn a new, non-standard way of interacting with horses?

    Or am I missing something....?
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    I didn't think that Minecraft stored 'owners' of horses? Because anyone can ride them? Unlike Wolves and Cats which only obey their owner.
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    All this stuff is already stored in the .mca file.


    There's also an 'Invulnerable' setting which I haven't tried to change. And 'Variant' is the horse's color.

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